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Steppin’ Up

When the time had come to transition our son into his twin “big boy” bed…there was the challenge of the bed being just a tad too high.  It was important in this transition that he could get in and out of  his bed all by himself.  Although we as parents preferred more of the climbing into the bed than out…it was all part of him becoming more independent.  So we put a little step stool at the foot of his bed and he quickly took to the act of putting himself to bed.

Well, lately I have been finding various stools and steps throughout my house that have been stategiacally placed there by my toddler.   His hopes are to grab at items he must have spotted that are just a bit out of his reach.  Who knew a two year old was so clever?  I quickly am realizing there may be a need to add a new lil’ stepper to the mix.  We have one that is specifically for the bathroom, but now I have been in search of one to stay by his bed.  Well, some plain ole’ stool just isn’t going to work so I have been on a hunt. And tah-dah! One of my friends must have read my mind!!!  She knows my love of Etsy finds and shared with me the most fabulous little stools just the other day.  This is exactly what I need… function AND total cuteness!  The stock designs are super adorable and you even have the option to customize if you choose.  In honor of the upcoming holiday, I though this would make such a sweet gift.  Here they are Custom Climbers….

totally loving the awesome alligator argyle

smitten for the giraffe with stripes….

Oh deer!  This is darling!!

Aren’t you just loving these?


Sunday 19th of December 2010

Simply lovely and very child-safe. It looks very sturdy and has no nails that protrudes and can hurt your kids' feet. Thanks for sharing this Rebecca, this is a gem!


Wednesday 15th of December 2010

So loved your selections here! I've checked out their site and it's lovely that she is accepting requests for customization that includes coordination with your beddings or nursery theme. :)