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Sweet & Scentsy

There’s a brand new smelly stuffed animal (smelly in a good way!) that’s made it’s way into my son’s bed and heart. It’s called the Scentsy Buddy and it’s adorable.

While it’s real name is “Mollie the Monkey”, he’s turned her into a boy and she now goes by the name of Marlin. Safe for ages 3 years and up, these cuddly little creatures are partnered with a lovely Scent Pak fragrance, Scentsy is best known for. The Scent Pak is then placed inside the stuffed animal behind a zipper.

Unfortunately for me, I can’t seem to agree on the oh so sweet berry scent my son chose and absolutely loves. But they are another 14 fresh fragrances we can try next!

Find out even more about Mollie (aka Marlin) and friends at their interactive website

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  1. avatar Anne says:


    Can’t wait to see how Ribbert fits in with the decor of the nursery!

  2. avatar Chalese says:

    I absolutely love these. My mom sells Scentsy. When I found out I was pregnant I immediately told her I had to have one for our little. Just ordered Ribbert the Frog to match the nursery and the Lavender scent which is excellent for helping with falling asleep. Can’t wait to go pick them up.

  3. avatar Melisa says:

    Bryan, my son is old enough to know not to play with or eat the scent paks. We’ve had this guy for a month now – very strong scent still too and it doesn’t seem like it will fade anytime soon.

  4. avatar monah says:

    Don’t look now, but I love Roarbert the Lion and Ribbert the frog :) I just wish that they arrive in time for Christmas :)

  5. avatar Bryan says:

    How very interesting. Have you had any problems with the scent packets, and how long do they usually last?

  6. avatar Jinbei says:

    Melissa: These are wonderful! Very cute and very adorable! It reminds me of those stuffed toys that you can stuff by yourself. I have checked these out and personally love the cucumber scent! Very refreshing and relaxing!