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Real Room: Baby Chai’s Navy Nursery

Baby gifts are on the brain this holiday season and my first stop is the luxury, bamboo line of Baby Chai. Maybe it’s their plush and absorbent cloth diapers, cozy bunting bags or that sweet mod elephant icon that has me smitten. There’s just something so “zen” about creator Leslie Pitt’s designs!

Baby Chai is the offspring of Leslie’s popular Lucky Jade children’s clothing line. As a former woman’s clothing designer, Leslie set out to make luxuries clothes for baby eco-friendly. Hence, ultra-soft bamboo became the undisputed textile of choice.

Note: If you have yet to try bamboo clothing, blankets or accessories, we can’t help but suggest you do. It’s like the softness of cashmere without the price tag and of course machine washable!

Leslie gave birth last month to a bouncing baby boy, Griffin Edward Pitts. We got the inside look of her seaside nursery with a whimsical, beachy feel and cool modern navy walls…

What was you inspiration for the nursery?
It started with the dark walls and natural elements in the nursery of Jenna Lyons in the Domino book and then morphed into a beachy modern theme.

We love the dark navy walls. What is the name of the color?
Luna Park by Dunn-Edwards

What is your favorite piece?
Oilo Wheels bedding–I love the clean lines AND the Jellycats navy elephant that was a gift from my daughter–we both love Jellycats.

Did you encounter any obstacles in making over the room?
Definitely working with the existing furniture I had from my daughter who is almost 8.  My tastes have definitely changed, but of course I wasn’t going to buy new furniture.  I had to find a way to bring in a more modern look that worked for me.  Also, the room is quite small, so I had to be careful not to over clutter it.

Was the nursery design process at all like designing for Lucky Jade?
My design taste for my home is quite different than Lucky Jade.  When I design Lucky Jade it comes from a different part of my brain.  Lucky Jade has cleaner lines and is more 2-dimensional. My personal taste is much more tactile–I love color, texture, & pattern in my home.  I also love the juxtaposition of modern & traditional and I’m a huge pop art fan.

One piece of advice you can share with other designing & expecting moms?
Don’t be afraid to mix things together!  I used a combination of beach elements like driftwood, old photos, and things my family loves.  I often pair things in my home that wouldn’t normally go together but either mean something to me personally or just inspire me. I wanted to set a tone in my baby’s room of the things in life that are important to me…Adventure (Triumph motorcycle my husband grew up riding on the back of ), Family (that’s my husband’s late father), the Beach (driftwood, awning stripe valance), Baseball (I’m a Dodger fan and we go to lots of games).

For more photos and product links of this navy nursery, visit Leslies’s nursery project in our gallery. And just in time for the holiday season, shop Baby Chai and receive a 20% coupon with code, “projectnursery. Enjoy!


Wednesday 15th of December 2010

I love what Leslie did to this room. You're right the deep blue and the natural beach elements really do come together beautifully!


Tuesday 14th of December 2010

I love the use of such a rich color. Along with the soft white and lighter colors it is fantastic.


Tuesday 14th of December 2010

I have long been a fan of Lucky Jade and Baby Chai, but I really would love to see how Leslie's personal taste come into her designs... which means the designs would have more "color, texture and pattern". It would be a take off from what we're all used to, yes, but I think that many people would still buy it. Judging from what she did for Griffin's room, I think that there should be a whole new line for that one :)