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Piggies & Paws Custom Handprint Art

Last time I sifted through my childhood art projects there were no shortage of my hand prints crafted into turkeys. “Mom, why did you save all these?” My mother replied, “Every year your hands were a little bigger. Why wouldn’t I save them?” I appreciated her sentiment, but really, wasn’t there some other creature that could be made from my growing digits? If only Jennifer Thomas would have been there.

When Jennifer’s son Dryden was born she found herself stamping his little fingers and toes on everything she could find! She saw his little prints as clouds moving through the sky, each was unique and looked like a new object (beyond November poultry products). Her new artwork quickly grew in popularity and became what we know today as Piggies & Paws.

Piggies & Paws offers parties throughout the United States with independent licensed P&P artists. The licensed artist will arrive at the host’s home with all materials needed, including samples of over 200 designs. Because each is crafted to your child’s print, the final product is shipped 6-8 weeks later on high quality acid free paper.


Thursday 6th of January 2011

This is simply lovely! I am thinking of hosting a kid's party and was thinking of fun activities to do. This just gave me an idea. We could do hand prints and the kids can turn them into another artwork by embellishing them or something. This would be so much fun! Thanks for sharing!


Thursday 30th of December 2010

What a lovely idea! I am sure I still have some handprints in my scrapbook, I think it would make a great gift to my daughter who's turning 10!

Jennifer Thomas

Wednesday 29th of December 2010

Thanks, Bryan & Project Nursery! We at Piggies&Paws are honored & excited you chose to share our art with the world! XOXO


Wednesday 29th of December 2010

This is pretty clever, a nice spin on the regular turkey hand prints.