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Gallery Round Up: Parties & Pops

My mother was a thrifty gal in the 80s. She used unlikely items for my birthday party decor, including a lollipop holder made from a sunny yellow jello mold, inverted and poked with holes. How clever she was  to know that a simple $2 display of pops would bring about celebrational charm. Pops, from lolli to brownie, have maintained a party staple. Let’s take a lick, I mean look, at some of the best pops PN readers are uploading to our Project Gallery.

There was no shortage of sugar and creativity at Nolan’s Birthday. Would you like marshmallow or Oreo?

Never underestimate the pizazz of a traditional swirly lollipop, like these from Meryn’s Pink Elepant Circus.

Go all out by coordinating with matching cake pops. Simple chocolate lines can amp up basic shaped treats. Like mom, this party planner had fun with the display. Sending in my RSVP to next year’s All Star Sports Birthday!

What’s your thoughts on cake pops? Have you made them? Share your tips, techniques, and inspiration in our comment section.


Wednesday 21st of September 2016

what did you use for grass for those sports cake pops? looks AMAZING! Would love to create something like that for my son's upcoming birthday :)


Sunday 5th of February 2012

How did you get the grass to stand up in the sport cake pops? What yep of material is the grass?


Friday 17th of December 2010

I love the cake pops, what an excellent idea!


Thursday 9th of December 2010

Those mallows should be great. Easy to do and very appetizing to look at!


Tuesday 7th of December 2010

Planning for my son's birthday/Christmas party, and I think those cake pops are great.