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Gallery Round Up: Alice in Wonderland

Vintage pocket watches, brass skeleton keys, and topsy turvy teacups are some of the distinguishing elements of Alice in Wonderland. This classic book and movie is a growing trend in the nursery and party scene. Let’s venture into the rabbit hole that we like to call “Project Gallery” and see how Project Nursery readers are dressing their Wonderlands.

This Alice in Wonderland inspired nursery is an understated tribute to our sweet and curious fairytale girl. How many Alice nods can you spot?

From invitation to dessert spread, this Mad Hatter baby shower is committed to its theme. This party planner successfully combined vibrant party plates, fine china, fresh flowers, and candle pillars to create a lunch impressive enough for any fine dormouse.

Sure this may be very unbirthday party , but this party designer was no Tweedle Dum when it came to details!

Not ready to break out the china? How about this Alice party that coordinates with the queen of hearts?

In closing, I have to mention my favorite version of Alice in Wonderland was the 1985 made for TV version with Ringo Starr as the Mock Turtle and Sammy Davis Jr. as the Caterpillar. I have yet to find someone who remembers it. Anyone?


Friday 7th of January 2011

Looking at these Alice-in-Wonderland-themed parties and rooms makes me want to do a similar gathering for friends one of these days. That invitation with the little key is just darling!

Angela G.

Friday 31st of December 2010

OMG!! I remember that version of Alice In Wonderland. I thought I was losing it because no one had a clue what I was talking about =)