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Fake Can Be Fun

As designers, it’s our job to stay on top of current trends, and we’ve seen that Faux Bois is a staple in contemporary design these days.  Everyone from Martha Stewart to Pottery Barn has followed suit, designing products influenced by nature.  Faux Bois is French for “false wood” and its interpretation in the design world is basically anything that mimics the look of wood or tree bark.  Sound boring?  Well think again – faux bois is fresh, colorful, tactile, making it perfect for a nursery or kid’s room design. And, it isn’t going away anytime soon!

Tree Stools by Fleetwood

The above “Timber” stools are available in fun colors and are small enough to easily move around.  They are versatile enough to be used for seating, a side table, a table base, or simply just for decoration.  Who knew a tree stump could be so much fun?  Check out these particulars over at Fleetwood.

Tree Cushion and Artwork

Well, since we’re on the topic of tree stumps, here are a few more that are simply delightful.  Tanya Aguiniga’s “Stump Stool” is whimsical, woodsy and loaded with texture.  All it needs is a curious kiddo perched on top!  Earthy artist Miriam Dema has created a lovely “Log” screen print that begs to be hung on a nursery wall.

Wood Grain Fabric by Joel Dewberry

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have cozy crib bedding made out of wood?  Pretty awful.  But these Joel Dewberry Wood Grain fabrics could be just the perfect blend of nature and comfort.  With such unique colorways available like lime green and magenta, there are so many possibilities for what this fabric can be made into!

Michael Aram Table and Lights Up Pendant

Acclaimed artist Michael Aram is mostly known for his home giftware, but he also has a stunning line of furniture, including this glittering Enchanted Forest Side Table.  With a round top and unbreakable legs, it’s perfect for a nursery “environment”.  Above the table?  How about a fabulous faux bois pendant?  This one, from Lights Up!, is so modern and understated that it could go in any room.

Whether you’re working on a nursery design, a kid’s room or even your living room – try mixing it up with a little faux bois.  We know you’ll be happy you did (and you can thank us when your friends are oohing and aahing over your timeless yet trendy style)!


Friday 17th of December 2010

Michael Aram is one of my favorites! And the faux bois pieces above show why.


Wednesday 15th of December 2010

I think that these are really awesome pieces of furniture. While I love wooden things, especially furniture, I really don't see a problem in buying these faux bois :) Thanks for the new vocabulary phrase and the beautiful selections.


Thursday 9th of December 2010

In the same theme, check out these great log pillows from my favorite online store, Spotted Moth:


Wednesday 8th of December 2010

Great picks ladies! I absolutely fell in love with those whimsical timber stools. I'm glad that they come in so many colors! My dilemma is whether to follow my kids' playroom color (orange) and just buy all orange stools, but I hate missing out on the array of colors they have!