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Design Dilemma: How Can I Create A Playroom I Can Work In?

PN Reader: I am currently trying to find the best way to design a playroom while also including a desk and computer for myself and I need help! – Angie


Oh the playroom…  At its best, it’s the most fun, exciting and imaginative place.  At its worst, it’s the most cluttered, disorganized and often the most frustrating room in the home. If it’s just a spot for the kids to play, the latter might be acceptable (especially if it’s a room where you can close the door and shut-out the mess!).  However, in this case, Angie needs to be able to work in this room so it’s got to be well thought out. As specialists in juvenile design, we have learned that some basic design steps can help anyone create a functional and fun play room…

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1. Be a philosopher. Think about what your dreams are for this space – what do you want to encourage your children to do here?  Do you want to encourage creativity (painting and coloring), is it about education (reading and studying), is it about imagination (dress up, and creative play)…?  A playroom has a finite amount of space, so you will need to really think about what’s important, and then include items that encourage your dreams for the children.

2. Determine your clutter personality. Recognizing ones own ability to deal with mess is at the heart of any good design.  Should Angie create a playroom where every item has a specific spot, or one with big bins to stick anything in?  Only Angie can answer that question, but she should definitely think about it!

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3. Plan it out. Next, think through the floor plan.  Determine which elements need to be incorporated, and start by figuring out where they will go (a couch?  a TV?  a large playset? kid’s table and chairs? an easel? a bookshelf?). Angie needs a desk for herself, so that would be the first item to include in a floor plan.  She can use the layout of the room, as well as the location of electrical and internet connections to help find the right place for her desk.

4. Choose a color scheme. We know that kid’s spaces provide a special opportunity for the use of color.  Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb with respect to color.  This space does not absolutely have to coordinate with the rest of your home, as long as it looks well thought out and cohesive throughout the specific room.  Also, don’t forget to look into the future – your children will likely be playing in this space for years to come, so choosing something to baby-ish is not a good plan for a playroom.

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5. Set a budget. Whether large or small, a budget helps narrow down the options for places to shop.

6. Go shopping! Now that you’ve got a shopping list of items, and a color scheme to stick to, you can get what you need.  Be sure to measure to make sure the items you like will fit in the floor plan.  If purchasing a couch or anything large, be sure it will fit through any doors/ stairways.  The desk which needs to go in Angie’s room needs to fit the space, and be in the right color scheme and budget.  These parameters should help her find the perfect desk, as well as the necessary play items to encourage her kids, and the right storage options to make it a useful and fun space for everyone.

Have a design dilemma? Post your question on Project Nursery’s facebook fan page. We may feature an answer to your question here on our blog!

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Sunday 17th of February 2013

hmm...gan interesting article especially with the gorgeous picture, thanks gan was willing to share.

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Paula McKinley

Thursday 6th of January 2011

How do you keep the noise out? I was thinking of having glass partitions, but I really don't know how to do these.