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Store It In Style

Any mother knows that kids accumulate stuff, and lots of it. Finding creative ways to store, organize and hide all this stuff can be a challenge.  I went on the hunt to find the most stylish ways to store items such as diapers, toys, towels and other clutter that desperately needs a home. I was pleasantly surprised to find fashionable alternatives to the plain old plastic bin.

I love these bins by The Spotted Barn.  The bold prints and color palettes make them a fun accessory not just a storage bin. I love these for toys like blocks or leggos and the convenient handles make moving them super easy. At $18 you cannot beat the price.

Wooden bins like these from Land of Nod are great in a play room or in a bedroom in place of a toy chest.

I use these personalized pails in my daughters room for her Silly Bandz.  I was so sick of finding them all over the place that I had one made up saying “Stella’s Silly Bandz”.  She loves digging through it to find just the right one and I love that they are all in one adorable place.

Photo boxes are not only a great way to store pictures, but also other keepsakes that you cannot part with but do not want to display.  Old report cards, certificates of achievement that have lost their place on the fridge can all find a cozy home in a pretty photo box.

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Sunday 21st of November 2010

Wow, I'm digging the wooden bins. They look so sturdy and flexible. They'd be perfect for storing all sorts of things, kids' toys specifically. And yeah, I agree with Teresa. Homemakers can never have enough boxes, baskets, storage bins. Only homemakers know their true value! =)


Friday 12th of November 2010

I say mothers and homemakers can never have enough of storage boxes and containers. I myself am obsessed with them! I have all sorts of these storage systems at home, but I think I'd like to add these tin cans or pails to my collection. Seriously.


Tuesday 9th of November 2010

Lego storage boxes sold by UK store:

Isa- Noisette Illustration

Tuesday 9th of November 2010

I use wicker baskets for my sons toys. He has a separate one for cars, trains, soft toys etc. He's 2 so he is still learning but I'm hoping having different containers will help keep the mess under control!