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Pretty In Pink Lining

Despite being a mom of two boys, some things are just better in pink. A flirty touch of hot pink, sweet bows and embroidery options of tasty treats have me feeling oh so pretty. Little did I know four years ago that diaper bags would have such an effect!

Between working from home, preschool pick ups and diaper explosions, the functional details sure mean an awful lot these days.  Pink Lining was recently introduced to us from across the pond by husband and wife team, Rufus and Charlotte Pearl. Their carefully conceived bags inspired by their lives as busy parents to three children under 6 are a hot trend seen strolling the streets of charming Notting Hill. Known for their cheery motifs and well-equipped pockets lined in none other than pink, Pink Lining’s signature style will set you apart from all the other mummy’s stateside.

Visit our friends at Pink Lining for even more lovely designs and products ranging from laminate changing mats to nursery perfect toy totes.

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  1. avatar Recreate says:

    Same here, Deena. The third bag looks stylish and flexible. I have always preferred stuff with minimal or zero prints.

  2. avatar Deena says:

    I like the look of that last bag, It’s very simple and it would look good with any kind of outfit. It goes with any color.

  3. avatar Bryan says:

    I love the yummy mummy bag! Just adorable.