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Giveaway: ModGenes Designs Prints (3 Winners!)

Fun, affordable prints are a must-have in the nursery! And there’s nothing like discovering the perfect print after happily digging through the pages of  Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed spreading the word about Etsy to new moms and meeting Etsy shop owners such as Lori Rich who after a few probing questions, shared with us the true meaning behind her playful graphics…

Lori is a dedicated art therapist who works primarily with children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Because most of her work takes place in the homes of the children, Lori works alongside parents to create bedrooms and play spaces that are inviting but not overwhelming. As a result, she often finds herself making custom art pieces for clients ranging from art prints to wall murals. So what finally got Lori’s etsy shop, ModGenes Designs up and running? “An expectant friend of mine saw my work and mentioned how hard it was to find quality artwork to coordinate with their nursery at a reasonable price. And so, ModGenes Designs was born out of the idea that quality, custom, artwork should also be affordable”, says Lori.

Layers and pattern can make a nursery stand apart from the rest. So it’s no wonder why we love the patterns incorporated into Lori’s prints. Personalized names and birth dates only make it that much sweeter.

Each 8×10 print is well-priced at only $14.95. Lori also gladly welcomes custom requests.

WIN IT! ModGenes Designs is giving away an 8×10 print of choice to (3) lucky Project Nursery readers. Visit Lori at ModGenes Designs and tell us which is your favorite print and where you would place it! Contest ends Friday, November 12th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST.

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CONTEST CLOSED – Congrats Joni, Brandi and Margaret


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  1. avatar jacque says:

    I subscribe.

  2. avatar jacque says:

    I love the Paris one. so pretty! Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for participating in the giveaway! It was so much fun reading all of your comments. I look forward to working with you! Good Luck!!

  4. avatar Gianna says:

    I subscribed to project nursery.

  5. avatar Gianna says:

    8×10 Owls on a Cherry Blossom Branch Print – Pink, Sage Green, and Brown in my kids room.

  6. avatar Geri Nyland says:


  7. avatar Geri Nyland says:

    Fan of both on FB – Geri N.

  8. avatar Geri Nyland says:

    I love the 8×10 two birds with hearts custom print.

  9. avatar Celia says:

    My favorite was the Trio of trees with owl Print – Pink, Orange, Blue, and Green and I would put in the new baby’s room!

  10. avatar cass says:

    I like the Paris – Custom Art Print for in my kitchen

  11. avatar Tina Page says:

    I like the mod flower print, but if i won i am not sure which i would get because i need to check the colours in my niece’s nursery since it would be for her.

  12. avatar Carolina Dalençon says:

    Love the Customizable Owl Birth Announcement Print. I would put it in my son’s room.

  13. avatar susan says:

    The LOVE art print would be great for my room! suelee1998 @

  14. avatar lace says:

    The owls on a cherry blossom and the dandelion trio are beautiful.

  15. avatar Julie says:

    I didn’t know ModGenes existed! We are expecting a baby girl in February. My son has a stretched canvas with name and birth statistics and I have been looking high and low for similar wall art for my daughter…I LOVE the L-O-V-E wall art…I think I have found my inspiration for baby girl’s nursery!

  16. avatar verity says:

    I LOVE ModGenes DEsigns and my little Elsie Valentina’s rooms would be super swish witht the customisable Eiffel Tower print adorning the walls! I have blogged about Project Nursery and ModGenes Designs here: x

  17. avatar lilshuga2001 says:

    Subscriber :)

  18. avatar lilshuga2001 says:

    the eiffel tower in my bathroom :)

  19. avatar Lacie says:

    The 2 frogs are my fave!!

  20. I love the Custom Name prints and the Customizable Bunting print. Thanks for the chance!

  21. avatar Sarah Moske says:

    That owl print is the cutest!!

  22. avatar Sarah Moske says:

    I am a subscriber!!

  23. avatar Sarah Moske says:

    I am a fan of Modgenes on Facebook :)

  24. avatar Sarah Moske says:

    I am a fan of Project Nursery on FB!

  25. avatar Melissa M. says:

    I love the 8×10 Dandelion Trio Art Print

  26. avatar Felicia K. says:

    I also already subscribe via email.

  27. avatar Felicia K. says:

    I follow you on Twitter as @pbandjmama.

  28. avatar Felicia K. says:

    I Like you both on Facebook as Felicia King.

  29. avatar Felicia K. says:

    The 8×10 Custom LOVE birth or wedding print is my favorite.

  30. avatar Heather M says:

    i like the 8×10 two birds with hearts custom print
    heatheranya at hotmail dot com

  31. avatar Stacy says:

    I love the custom birth announcement!!! It is so cute and would be perfect in my soon to come little boy’s room.

  32. avatar Lindsay says:

    I love the french chandelier print! It would be PERFECT in my soon-to-be born daughter’s nursery!

  33. avatar Andrea says:

    I’m a google reader and email subscriber!

  34. avatar Andrea says:

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted!

  35. avatar Andrea says:

    I love the 8×10 Owls on a Cherry Blossom Branch Print – Pink, Sage Green, and Brown! It would be perfect in the nursery!

  36. avatar joni taylor says:

    i like PN and MGD on facebook
    joni taylor
    joni(dot)taylor3710 at gmail dot com

  37. avatar joni taylor says:

    I love the french chadelier
    joni(dot)taylor3710 at gmail dot com

  38. avatar k says:

    I subscribe to your feed via Google Reader.

  39. avatar k says:

    I love the Owls on a Cherry Branch. I would put it above the rocker in the baby’s room.×10-owls-on-a-cherry-blossom-branch

  40. avatar Mary Preston says:

    My favorite is the Customizable Owl Birth Announcement Print. I would put it in my daughter’s room.

  41. avatar Justine McD. says:

    fan of both on facebook

  42. avatar Justine McD. says:

    My favorite is 8×10 Owls on a Cherry Blossom Branch Print – Pink, Sage Green, and Brown

  43. avatar Danielle Arkainno says:

    I amlike and am friends of ModGenes and like and am friends with project nursery as well!!!

  44. avatar Danielle Arkainno says:

    I LOVE the owls on a cherry blossom. My sisiter in law is having a baby girl in January and her theme has cherry blossoms in it. So I would give the print to my sisiter-in law and baby Isla for her nursery!

  45. avatar Kim says:

    I like the lollipop tree and it would go in my son’s nursery!

  46. avatar Kim says:

    I subscribe. Thanks!

  47. avatar Kimberly says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you!

  48. avatar Kimberly says:

    My favorite is the I Love you more today print. I’d give it to my sister for her nursery.

  49. avatar sangeetha says:

    Definitely the Eiffel tower – we just got back from Paris and I would put htat in my little guys room – he would be totally thrilled to have it

  50. avatar Allison says:

    I really like the owl in tree print. Such big eyes!

  51. avatar Pooh! says:

    RSS subscriber

  52. avatar Pooh! says:

    Love the 8×10 Customizable numbers print for my daughter’s play room

  53. avatar Monica P. says:

    Im a FB fan of project nursery and ModGenes Designs ;-)

  54. avatar Monica P. says:

    I have been looking everywhere for some art for my daughters room that wasnt going to cost me an arm and a leg. I love “LOVE” (the art print), the pop of color mixed with the simplicity is so beautiful. And I love the carriage print for my older daughter since she is such a “princess”

  55. avatar Salina says:

    And for my final entry, here is my blog post featuring both Project Nursery and ModGenes. Thank you, friends. It has been fun!

  56. […] finds– like this print from ModGenes Designs as featured on Project Nursery’s daily blog. I love their birth announcements and their canvas nursery art, but this particular print is dear […]

  57. avatar Lynn says:

    Two owls on a cherry blossom branch is adorable! It would go in my baby’s new bedroom!

  58. avatar Salina says:

    Me again! I’m a subscriber!!!

  59. avatar Salina says:

    Facebook fans of Project Nursery and Mod Genes. Check!

  60. avatar Salina says:

    Follow on twitter. Done!

  61. avatar Salina says:

    Must. Must. Must have Your Wedding Song Custom 11×14 art. We wrote my son’s name into that song from the Sound of Music and have sung it to him since he was a baby. And BONUS….. we did his nursery in those colors, so it would be PERFECT!!! I want to win….. placing extra entries now!

  62. avatar bdaiss says:

    And I follow on twitter. *tweet*

  63. avatar bdaiss says:

    I subscribe via Google Reader!

  64. avatar bdaiss says:

    Lovelylovely stuff! I’m especially fond of the birth announcements and the wedding song art. What a cool idea for a gift!

  65. avatar Heather S. says:

    Subscribe to you

  66. avatar Heather S. says:

    I love the custom name prints.

  67. avatar Candace says:

    Just “liked” ModGenes Designs on FB.

  68. avatar Candace says:

    Just “liked” PN on FB.

  69. avatar Candace says:

    I really like the “B is for…” Our little boys name will be Blake. I would love to center this over his bed between to B & W pics of him once he is born.

  70. avatar jes says:


  71. avatar jes says:

    I love the two birds print! So sophisticated!

  72. avatar Amanda B. says:

    Love the two birds with flowers print!

  73. avatar jacqueandjason says:

    I would pick the pink damask print with the name. How cute is that!! And for only $14.95!!! I am a fan of her’s on facebook now too. I subscribe to y’alls emails.

  74. avatar mollys says:

    Love your site and follow through Google reader.

  75. avatar mollys says:

    We’d add the LOVE print to our baby’s bedroom. That is, after he kicks his sister out of the nursery and moves out of our master bathroom — soon!

  76. 2 owls in a cherry tree. I’d put it in my daughter’s room.

  77. avatar Kelli says:

    I also subscribe.

  78. avatar Kelli says:

    I’m a fan on FB.

  79. […] ENTRIES 1. Become a fan of Project Nursery and ModGenes Designs on Facebook and comment. 2. Follow Project Nursery on Twitter, tweet about it […]

  80. avatar Kat says:

    Great prints! I’m a subscriber!

  81. avatar Annika says:

    I like the you wedding song custom art print.

  82. avatar Paula says:

    Follow on Facebook. And I love the Dandelion prints!

  83. avatar Paula says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  84. avatar Kelly K. says:

    Tweeted too.

  85. avatar Margaret says:

    Just- retweeted your Tweet! :-) Margaret

  86. avatar Kelly K. says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  87. avatar Margaret says:

    I follow you on Face Book ~ Great Giveaway! ~Margaret

  88. avatar Kelly K. says:

    I like either the custom birth announcement print – aqua and green or the colorful “Love” birth print. Either would look great in the nursery!

  89. avatar Margaret says:

    Hi, Great giveaway ~ I follow you on Twitter! ~Margaret

  90. avatar kristina kizis says:

    I would pick the Eiffel tower . I would love to have her name on it.

  91. avatar natalie says:

    i already subscribe to project nursery

  92. avatar natalie says:

    i follow project nursery on twitter

  93. avatar natalie says:

    Love the custome birth announcement in aqua and green or the LOVE birth announcement….i can’t decide

  94. avatar abby says:

    I would pick the mommy and baby owl snuggled together on a tree branch! I went with an owl theme for my baby boy’s nursery:)

  95. avatar Dorothy says:

    I’m a subscriber (using a different e-mail address, though).

  96. avatar Dorothy says:

    I’d love to get the 8×10 Customizable Owl Birth Announcement Print – Pink, orange, blue, and lime to hang in my youngest’s room.

  97. avatar Lori says:

    I adore the owls and would place it over the crib to go with our current nearly-owly theme!

  98. avatar Lori says:

    Follower on Facebook too!

  99. avatar Lori says:

    Follower on Twitter! @logodin

  100. avatar Kim says:

    follow u both on Facebook

  101. avatar Kim says:


  102. avatar Kim says:

    I’d put this in our nursery –
    8×10 Custom Name Print on Damask

  103. avatar Marisa says:

    The LOVE (birth) print, & would hang it in my baby’s room!

  104. avatar tami says:

    i like this one: 8×10 Two Owls in a Cherry Blossom Tree Print – Pink, Sage Green, and Brown

  105. avatar Brandi says:

    I would pick the Eiffel Tower print because I am planning on doing a French theme for our babies nursery!!