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Gallery Round Up: The Midnight Nursery

As you know, Melisa has been working on a nursery makeover for her second son, Chase. I have to admit, when she first announced that she would incorporate black into the color scheme I told her that made me nervous. Silly me to doubt her designer eye because once I saw her inspiration board I was in awe! You’ll soon see what I mean when she reveals her work. Until then, let’s look at some fabulous midnight nurseries I found in our Project Gallery.

Quinn’s Nursery proves that, just like in fashion, black works with everything. The dark accent wall helps make the cool blues and greens pop.

Sophia’s Kingdom is fit for a queen. The black damask print and bold poster playing tribute to The Beatles is a haven for Rock & Roll royalty.

Say goodnight to Boston’s Room. A bold modern art piece like this one makes so much sense in a nurery when paired with a black and white crib!

What do you think of black in the nursery? Too bold? Too dangerous? Spectacular? Tell us by leaving a comment!

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  1. avatar Mallory Soda says:

    Where can I find that last black and white crib?

  2. avatar Deena says:

    I’m really not sure about black in a nursery. But I have to admit that these rooms turned out good. Black is not something that works for everyone, so if you plan to use this color, only two words: professional help.

  3. avatar PrincessRaina says:

    I think black is a good accent color for a nursery. This is because it’s one of the first colors a newborn baby can see. But of course, you will had to add dashes of bright colors as they grow older.

  4. avatar rndeluca says:

    Thanks for featuring Quinn’s room in your round up! It’s the only room in our house with so much black and white and at 5 weeks old, Quinn LOVES to look at the back accent wall!

  5. avatar Adrienne says:

    Salina, the Project page for Sophia’s Kingdom mentions the designers paid about $50 for all the decals in the room. It does look like a stencil at first glance, but I believe it is a decal.

  6. avatar Bibzees says:

    Quinn’s nursery is Gorgeous!!!! Almost wish I was having another b/c I would copy it for sure.

  7. I think that using black in a nursery is clearly a fantastic idea if executed well. These photos are great examples of this. Thank you so much for sharing, I am always after ideas on how to improve my daughters room :)
    M x

  8. avatar Salina says:

    By the way, where did you get that fabulous London bridge stencil?

  9. avatar Salina says:

    I especially love Sophia’s room. I did my daughters room in black and white after being inspired by Michael miller’s dress form fabric. You can see the end result on my blog. I’m a big fan of black in the nursery and bonus… Babies are visually stimulated by the contrast of black and white or any lighter color for that matter. Love what you’ve done with black. Salina

  10. avatar Kate St. Amour says:

    As long as it is done as an accent and not the main color. These three pictures are examples of black in a nursery done very well. Sometimes though nurseries become so sophisticated and seem more like they belong to an adult than a baby. That is the line that one has to decide for themselves. All in all, I love them.

  11. Love them all, but Quinn’s nursery is my fav!