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Design Dilemma: Hiding Unsightly Lantern Cords

PN Reader: We are putting the final touches on our nursery and I had a question that I thought you all might have a solution to. We wanted to hang some paper (Chinese) lanterns above our glider, but the cords are so ugly! Is there a easy way to disguised them or make them look better that you all have found?   – Rebecca


Image via Pbteen

Project Nursery: Paper Lanterns are a terrific feature to cluster above the crib or glider. But Paper Lanterns that actually light up even better! Battery operated or solar powered lanterns are wonderful yet have their limitations. So in lieu of hiring an electrician which will incur a few dollars plus messy dry wall patch work, a simple plastic cord cover is an inexpensive option that can help you hide those unsightly cords.

Image via DecorPad

1. Head to your local hardware store to find a Cord Cover Kit for under $30. A corner kit will be the most inconspicuous.

2. Run the wire through the cord cover and adhere to the wall with a mounting adhesive.

3. Hang the lantern from the ceiling with a simple hook screwed into the ceiling.

4. Paint the cover and hooks so they blend with the wall color.

Lastly, enjoy rocking your baby to sleep under the glow of your paper lanterns Rebecca!

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Friday 12th of November 2010

Oh yes, cords can really be an ugly sight. I hate how I try to decorate the home and make it beautiful, only to see that cords, cables, wires and what else they are called, have ruined the aesthetics.


Friday 12th of November 2010

I bought a beautiful lantern three years ago, but I never really got to put it up because the cords are so ugly. I never got around to finding a way to hide them. I'm glad to know about this Cord Cover Kit from you. I can finally put my lovely lantern up.

Eastbourne Nursery

Wednesday 10th of November 2010

Oh wow,you made it so easy to hang these Chinese lanterns.You are right about hiding untidy cards also with these lanterns your room looks full-up .You don't need to put scenery on your walls or fancy work on your roof.