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Bathtime Is Fun & Cozy

Bathtime is a daily highlight for the entire family. We just started the triple bath in our house, all three in the tub at the same time, and I love seeing the kids getting silly together. Pure happiness combined with cleanliness is really therapeutic. We complete the bathtime routine by wrapping the squeaky cleans in warm and cozy hooded towels. Their are lots of hooded towels on the market but Company Kids has a fun line of hooded towels that are bright and colorful and kick it up a notch. It’s the extra details with these towels that put them at the top of my holiday gift list.

The imaginative and colorful styles like the pink kitty, yellow duck and white poodle are sure to make parents and kids smile.  The little faces, long tails and paws give these bath towels a special touch. They are a nice size for toddlers and are made with 100% cotton so they wash well and stay soft and warm. Company Kids has over 10 styles to choose from starting at $29.50 and can be monogrammed for no additional charge. Perfect holiday gift list picks!

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  1. avatar Binky says:

    Am actually betting that these towels would make them WANT to take a bath. My Edison is just too fussy, you ask him to take a bath and he says no. It’s difficult to get him out of his playroom and into the bathroom. They have a fireman towel, and a super hero hooded towel!

  2. avatar Turtle Mom says:

    My 3 yr old great-niece would look so adorable in the fusia cat! She’d probably prance around the house in it meowing!

  3. avatar mamita says:

    Pam, I just purchased the Angel Hooded Towel and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I actually had a difficult time deciding which one am going to buy, all of their designs are ADORABLE!

  4. avatar Bryan says:

    These are great! I’m heading over to Company kids right now to see the other designs.

  5. avatar Celeste says:

    Super cute! and… gotta love that they can be monogrammed!

  6. avatar Pooh! says:

    Love these. I am sure my daughter will love them

  7. avatar aimee c. says:

    that duck one is just too adorable! quack!

  8. avatar Justine McD. says:

    Those are so cute! My 4yr old would get a kick out of them

  9. I love these! My daughter would look so adorable in it! Bath time is her favorite, and if she had such a cute towel maybe she wouldn’t fight me so much when I want her to get out!

  10. avatar Sarah says:

    Love these! Adding these to my (son’s) wishlist!

  11. avatar Jes says:

    I love these towels! The quality is super high and the towels stay soft despite multiple washing in the hard water we have here in AZ.