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A Modern Day Eden Of Animals

French Pop-Tone paper totally makes this $10 screen printed poster. In addition to its great quality and texture, it’s a whopping 18×24! Hard to tell how large it is in the photo below but that’s an amazing deal.

A Modern Eden is an Ohio based Studio featuring the contemporary work of illustrator Ryan Clark. While I have my heart set on this frog poster, Ryan also offers his friendly lion and pretty peacock poster size.

And just to keep it current, antelopes through zebras can be found on Modern Eden’s educational iphone app, “Speak Piggy“. How else will kids learn that N is for Narwhal!

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  1. avatar Morena says:

    I got the lovely flash cards that they have and framed these… it makes a great wall decor!

  2. avatar Turtle Mom says:

    How cute!

  3. avatar Emily says:

    Melisa: Another great find! And just in time too, as I’m rethinking my nursery design to add in more color and fun in it, and these posters would be a great addition. I love both of these and there’s a third design: a lion with earth shades. It’s great that I am not forced to CHOOSE among these three!

  4. avatar Celeste says:

    Gorgeous! such vivid & sharp colors!