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Petit Nest, Giant Convention

This week I joined Melisa & Pam for the 8th annual ABC Kids Show. The expo ran on two levels of the Las Vegas Convention Center, featuring everything from gliders to BPA-free snack sacks to coconut mattresses. Needless to say, we were grateful for our decision to carry flats and sandals in our Project Nursery totes. We attended as media for the opportunity to get our hands on all the new products for nursery and beyond! We have tons to share with you over the next couple of weeks so let’s kick this off with the booth that generated some serious buzz: Petit Nest.

You are going to be floored when you see the furniture and accessories offered by Petit Nest. This passion project from television & film star Tiffani Thiessen and HGTV ‘s “Design Star” finalist Lonni Paul speaks for itself. In today’s vlog Tiffani and Lonni show us exactly what the hype is about!

Lonni and Tiffani have a wonderful chemistry. Just take a look at the thought and detail that went into the alouette dresser – A stand out to last years beyond the nursery.

Anyone obsessed with this tree as much as we are? A much smaller version will be available for purchase in the near future.

Special thanks to the incredible team of Petit Nest. We love their story and exceptional design! To view all products visit Petit Nest.

Pam, Tiffani, Lonni, Melisa, Adrienne

What piece from the collection catches your eye? Tell us by commenting below or visit our facebook page.

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  1. […] Project Nursery Interviews Tiffani Thiessen and Lonni Paul of Petit .Oct 14, 2010 This week I joined Melisa & Pam for the 8th annual ABC Kids Show. The expo ran on two levels of the […]

  2. avatar Andrea says:

    I have been trying desperately to contact petit nest (I’m a retailer/designer) and have had no luck. Do you happen to have contact information for ordering?!?

  3. avatar PrincessRaina says:

    I agree with you on that one Ken. For one, it’s really difficult to come up with a really original and innovative design. We have more than 200 years of designs to come up with. So it’s just a matter of making it your own.

  4. avatar Ken says:

    Hi Kevin and Laike: For my part, I think that the best designs evolve. You simply can’t ignore past designs if they are great and they speak to you and makes sense to the thing you are trying to do. So you get inspirations from these, and you make it your own. Which is what I think Tiffany and Lonni did with their collection. I still love them :)

  5. avatar Sarah says:

    I really like the tree and the chair, but the tree is on available on their website. Where can I purchase one?

  6. avatar Laike says:

    Kevin, yeah kinda but that’s the point. She and lonni styled her home nursery together and created the line as an extension of their own style. plus i think their petitnest stuff is way more unique.

  7. Wow. All the pieces of furniture are beautiful!

  8. avatar Kevin says:

    Looks a lot like the oeuf classic crib line… which is what she had in her own nursery:

    It does not take a lot of design to go from the oeuf to their cribs.

    I do like the cribs and how they look, but I think they look like and extension of the oeuf classic and not a new design.

  9. avatar Kimmy says:

    I’d just want to mention that you ladies look wonderful! I can’t wait to have that tree. I could have a lot of fun with that!

  10. avatar Andrika says:

    Great interview! I love the PetitNest furniture. I can’t wait to use some of the pieces in my next project!

  11. avatar Amber says:

    I’m laughing because my mom and I were talking with the team at Petit Nest about purchasing for our store, and we kept trying to move to be out of the video. Turns out, we’re in it anyway. :) We’re looking forward to the line!

  12. avatar Jessa says:

    That tree is huge! Can’t wait to see the smaller version for nurseries.

  13. avatar Katie says:

    I like the chair you can bleach.

  14. avatar Misty R. says:

    I’ve always loved Tiffany and actually watched that season of Design Star. Love the gorgeous cribs.

  15. avatar Steve says:

    Great interview and great products too! That chair sounds miraculous! Excellent work to all involved!