Design Reveal: A Twin’s Nursery, “Just Monkeying Around”

I finished the installation on this nursery a few months ago and wanted to share the photos with Project Nursery readers.  These are the first photos published for this nursery and additional room photos can be seen in the Project Nursery Gallery.

These parents knew they were expecting twins but were waiting for the gender to be a surprise at birth (it turns out they had two beautiful daughters). Both parents grew up on the East coast so wanted to keep a traditional look to the room.  Since the nursery has very dark walnut floors and we needed to soften the look of the room.  We opted for white furniture to reflect natural light, and a soft green rug neutralize the floors.

The first item purchased was the Andie Dresser from Newport Cottages.  My client loved the modern yet traditional look of the piece. Next stop was the bedding.  The parents wanted gender neutral bedding and also wanted it to be playful and childish.  So we selected the Dylan set from Serena & Lily.  After traveling through Indonesia for their honeymoon, the parents developed a love for elephants and monkeys.  Since the Dylan set has elephants printed on the bumper in subdued neutral colors, we had a match!

Next up, artwork. I showed the parents a few images of mural trees and they were hooked and definitely wanted one.  I love using murals in nurseries, I’m not talking about murals all over the walls, just accessory murals which help make the space unique and personal.  After the safari tree was up, we added the grass to add some interest along the baseboards and added the monkeys to look down on the two twins.  The monkeys help make the space more juvenile and playful without being overly cartoonish.  The last piece of artwork selected was a handmade piece painted on reclaimed wood which highlights some parental words of wisdom.

To see more photos of this nursery and other nurseries by Andrika King Design visit my gallery on Project Nursery here.


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    Traditional + White + Gender Neutral. That would have spelled b-o-r-i-n-g for a lot of people. But you made this room stand out! Congratulations Andrika on this GREAT room!

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    when i came here i assumed it was going to be filled with useless information, but actually it turned out to be quite interesting. good job!

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    when i started reading i assumed it was going to be filled with useless advice, but really it came out to be quite useful. bravo!

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    I love that monkey. I think you’re right, you really have to soften nurseries with hardwood floors. My friend has dark cherry floors and opted for a classical design. In the end, it felt less like a nursery than a library :)

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