Giveaway: The Netflix of Kids’ Books – 3 Winners!

I kinda love it when my little guy wants me to read him three books before bed every-single-night. While I sometimes can’t get him to bed soon enough because mommy needs a break, I am always a sucker for when it comes to reading. So when I was recently introduced to I thought the concept was true genius, guaranteed to be a smashing success. Why? Because in today’s tech savvy society, we are able to rent movies, handbags and even friends! So two San Fransisco families thought, why not kids books? Think Netflix meets children’s books…

Simply put, no waitlists, no late fees, no hidden charges and free shipping. Spend time surfing Book Pig’s inventory of thousands of books in stock, select your favorites with your child and the books are mailed your way. It’s a super way to keep things affordable while exposing your child to the magic of books. Family plans start at $11.95/monthly and Book Pig’s gift certificates make for a terrific gift.

WIN IT! Book Pig is giving (3) lucky Project Nursery readers a $50 gift certificate to kick off your back to school reading! Visit and comment back with the name of your child’s favorite book or the name of the book you want to rent next from our friends at Book Pig.

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    Wow, how do you choose just one favorite book? My son’s current favorite is the Ricky Ricotta series by Dav Pilkey. My daughter loves Olivia.

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    Would love to gift this to one of my daughters – I have so many great memories of reading bedtime stories. This is such a good idea. How to choose a favorite book – love Mommy and me.

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    Really? Just one book? Well, my kid is currently all over anything Dinosaur. So how about How Does a Dinosaur Say Goodnight.

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    Sounds a little like a FREE service that is available in almost every community… the LIBRARY.

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    Hi Alatiel, Just jump onto Project Nursery’s facebook fan page and click “like”. Thanks for your support and good luck. Amanda, yes the library is a wonderful place however this service is incredibly convenient and there’s no late fees ;)

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    I can never make it to the library with my work hours so we always end up paying bookstore prices. Great alternative!

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    Well my baby is only 5 months old so he doesn’t technically have a *favorite* yet, but he seems to like “I Love You Through and Through” by Bernadette Rossetti Shustak. Doesn’t look like this is available for little guys, but when he’s bigger I’d love to look into it!

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    What a wonderful idea for children, my son really wants me to sign him up! While browsing what books you have to offer he picked Dinosaur’s Day by Ruth Thomson as his next read. :) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

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    I’m now a Subscriber of your page as well! Thanks again for the chance to win, my two boys would be over the moon with getting a package every month full of books.

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    Poppleton by Cynthia Rylant. I follow on Twitter and fan on Facebook already. I recently started blogging and would love to blog about how I won an amazing gift for my little guy from Project Nursery!

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    I know of a similar service that is available, usually allowing from 20-50 books to be borrowed at a time. And, you’ve already paid for it — with your tax dollars. Take advantage of your public libraries!!!

    For the mom who can’t make it to the library because of work hours, my heart goes out to you. Forgive my unsolicited advice, but rather than paying retail for books, perhaps your little ones might benefit more from you rearranging your budget to stay home with them more?

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    Ginger, I’m sure your words come from a place of kindness but they’re a little assuming of that woman’s situation. Libraries are usually open while kids are in school and close around dinner time. My own mother worked until 5 or 5:30 so yes, the library was always a little more difficult to get to. My mom made sure her work schedule permitted her to get me off to school in the morning and be home to make dinner and help me with homework. She did the best she could with her 4o hr work week and I never felt I went without.

    Sorry for the long rant, I just think we should give people the benefit of the doubt before we assume details they never provided us.

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    I couldn’t agree more with Nicki. I find your comments Ginger silly! A working mom wants nothing more than to provide the best for their children and family or in some cases, make ends meet – like rent and education. This is a fun service they are giving away a gift certificate to for the whole family to enjoy. Do you rent all your movies from the Library? There is nothing wrong with this and we hope to win so we can enjoy it.

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    My oldest daughter loves book and would love to read A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly from Book Pig.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

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