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One late night I found myself digging deep to recall my repertoire of lullabies. I was brand new to the mommy job and attempting to sooth my wee one to sleep. Thankfully, a simple hum to the ABCs hit a home run and has ever since. From that night forward, I’ve become obsessed with the ABCs. Partly because letters make amazing wall art (as seen here) but mostly because my sweet baby is now a growing toddler. Letters excite him and it’s an amazing thing. So when we received the colorful children’s book, Alphabetica, my 3 year old’s entire face lit up with joy.

Diana Spieker has always had a passion for poetry. After the birth of her son James, she was encouraged by her husband to compile a little something for baby. While sharing her latest project with friend and graphic designer Krista Skehan, the two dreamt up a visionary ode to the alphabet both unique and self-published via Personify Press.

The playfulness of Diana’s poetic phrases is guaranteed to add variety to the bedtime book routine. Simply put, it engages children and parents alike. Krista’s rich and colorful illustrations enables the words to magically dance off the page. Their successful tribute to the alphabet has been taken a step further through their clever offerings of illustrated placemats, postcards and posters.

The duo are now successfully selling Alphabetica online and in stores such as potterybarn kids nationwide.

WIN IT! The Alphabetica package includes (2) signed copies of Alphabetica, (1) set of four placemats, (1) package of postcards and (1) custom designed poster featuring art from the book. Visit Personified Press and share with us your thoughts to enter. Contest ends Friday, October 29th, 2010 at 11:59pm PST.

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CONTEST CLOSED – Congrats Melissa Hosey!



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    Visited Personified Press online and WOW! Love the Alphabetica books, postcards and placemats. This hits close to my heart with the poetry and phenomenal graphics. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be getting my copy of “Alpabetica: odes to the alphabet!”

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    Am now a fan of Personified Press on FB!
    Lovely website.
    I a.d.o.r.e the placemats, in a home with 3 kiddies we love placemats!!!

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    What a great giveaway! I love the ALphabetica collection – supercute and creative. It would be great to teach my lil girl

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    My daughter is turning 2 next month and is really into her alphabet. I know she would love the book. I am also loving the placemats. I think these would be great to keep in the car. The last time we ate out, I was thinking how I needed to bring placemats because I’m never confident of how clean the table is. The images are so interesting, that I’m sure my daughter would enjoy them.

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    Wow, how cute! My son’s room is decorated in an alphabet theme, so of course these are quite appealing, especially given the big decor trend of topography.

    I’d be so tempted to buy the postcards and frame them all!

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    I love the bright and bold designs, so fun! It’s nice to see an alphabet interpretation without all the usual themes : )

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    This looks like a beautiful collection and would be great to use for my classroom let alone my 2 year old would love it!

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    I’m a subscriber who enjoyed looking at Personify I also became a fan of Project Nursery and Personify Press on Facebook. I am a teacher and I think this stuff looks imaginative and very beneficial.

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    Love this idea… I hope I will win the book…
    I am working in the nursery of my first baby with ideas from your site!

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    These products look so beautiful and engaging; they remind me a bit of the lovely Animalia series I was so enchanted by as a child, but aimed at a younger age group.

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    I definitely enjoyed looking at the Personified Press website. The products are so colorful and such a great learning tool for children. I would love to have this for my son. I’ll also be sharing the website with my MIL because this would be great for the kids at her daycare/preschool.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

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    The products looks great, this would be great for my daughter. That is a great book! suelee1998 @

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    I love that the book is available at pottery barn kids in addition to the local boutique bookstores! I’m a future teacher and I can see this book being fabulous in a classroom, especially with the brilliant artwork! Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Their products are so the colors! I think the abc placemats would be fun to have for my son as well.

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    i love the colors to make it fun for kids and i love how it introduces poetry because you dont see much of that for kids!

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