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Gallery Round Up: Toddler Friendly Nurseries

Let’s face it, nurseries take a lot of time and planning and kids grow up quickly. Today you’re fanning out paint samples, tomorrow you’re duct taping foam to the coffee table. Not only is the transition to toddler room the last thing on your mind while you’re applying for preschools and introducing a whole new range of solid foods, but it’s a sentimental hardship to say goodbye to what was your once infant’s brand new nursery.

Here are some examples of blending nursery with toddler. By choosing big kid-friendly design in your baby-lodging rooms, you’ll get back some precious time to cope with the rapid growth of your little sprout.  This Infant to Toddler Room is two for the price of one!

Baby Chase’s Nursery will easily transition to Toddler Chase’s Bedroom when it’s time to swap the crib for a big boy bed. The designer opted for vibrant colors and playful scenery as opposed to the sweet accents you see in traditional nurseries.

Lydia Marie’s Room doubles as a toddler room and nursery already. Who knew that transitioning could be as easy as storing away the crib and changing table?

Do you have some tips to share with our readers for making an easy switch from nursery to toddler room? Share them in our comment section. For more photos from nursery and beyond visit our Project Gallery.


Monday 7th of May 2012

Do you know where to find the owl chair for the love n nature collection in lydia's room?? I'm in the process of transforming my daughters nursery into a toddler room and I chose that bedding and decor and would love to get that chair for her room! I've tried looking online but cant seem to find it anywhere!! Thanks!

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Saturday 30th of April 2011

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Friday 12th of November 2010

Nice carpet for Baby Chase's nursery. And Lydia Marie's room is lovely and very feminine. I like the house-shaped shelf, too.


Monday 8th of November 2010

Oh yes, babies grow up too quickly. That's always a consideration I have when coming up with nursery ideas. Imagine splurging on your nurseries, only to throw or store things away after a year. It's oftentimes not worth it. So toddler-friendly nurseries are always practical and convenient.