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Fine Art Photography by Zee Longenecker

When Brazilian native Zee Longenecker shared her work with me I was captivated. Her use of natural lighting combined with her subject matter is both modern and timeless. Zee fell in love with photography at the start of her teen years when she was gifted with her first point and shoot camera. Her love for vibrant colors and cheerful lively experiences shines through her work.  Zee used the skills she acquired from the Rio de Janeiro photography school she attended to learn digital photography on her own. In addition to Zee’s Etsy Shop, this mom of two has a beautiful portrait portfolio including children, personal and maternity.


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  1. avatar Ken says:

    I dabble in some photography… and I am pretty proud of my shots… but these… these are absolutely wonderful!

  2. avatar Stella says:

    What I really like about her photos is the feeling that you are moving or that you expect it to move. Lovely photographs!

  3. Beautiful work! I’ve read her blogs on and off for several years (she had many different ones), didn’t know she was back blogging and with an Etsy shop and such great work, nice surprise.

  4. avatar lesley_cali says:

    I am drooling! SO beautiful and original.

  5. avatar Bryan Fly says:

    I love these photos! Whatever filter or action was used on them is brilliant. Great work!