Design Reveal: Taking the Neutral out of Gender Neutral

This week, we are so excited to share one of our new nursery designs!  We completed this gender neutral nursery for a client in Southern California and couldn’t wait to share with the Project Nursery community…

For this nursery design, we tackled what seems to be one of the toughest things to do: to create a nursery that either a boy or girl could love.  Throughout the process of designing this nursery (which took about 3 1/2 months from starting the nursery design to finishing the installation), we worked with the expecting Mom on finding items that would make her gender neutral nursery into a chic room that would truly be unisex.

colorful baby room

As with many of our nursery design projects, we spent much of our time creating custom pieces.  This nursery is decked out in floor to ceiling custom items: the Newport Cottages crib was custom upholstered to match the custom made sleeper sofa.

gender neutral baby nurseries

We created custom gender neutral crib bedding with coordinating textiles throughout the room (pillows, changing pad covers, blackout curtain panels, etc…).

gender neutral crib bedding

Even the area rug was custom made, as were the wall decals, and the wall monogram over the crib.

green blue taupe baby nursery ideas

At Little Crown Interiors, one of our favorite tricks for a gender neutral design is to leave space for items to be placed after the baby is born to make the design more personal.  In this case, you might notice that the wall monogram is missing in the video – this is because we didn’t know the name at the time we completed the design.  There was also room left on the wall over the sofa so that the new Mom could add some special items for her baby.  Here’s the rendering we used to help her imagine what the room would look like before it was done:

nursery design by Little Crown Interiors

So, our Project Nursery readers – let’s hear what you have to say!  Got any tips for other Moms who are working on gender neutral rooms?  Do you think our room could be home to a boy or girl equally?  Please post your comments – we’d love to hear your thoughts…


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    Another Amazing Nursery! So, I am all set to add orange accents to my son’s “Lake Placid by BM” blue nursery. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking soft green and beige. We’ll now I know how good it looks and I may kick myself. Hmm, maybe I should switch back to green. It’s so much harder doing your own!

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    This is very beautiful ladies!!! I know what you mean when you say that gender neutral rooms are the most difficult to do. I had to design one for my twins (boy and girl!) I ended up with a pretty ugly room. I am able to laugh it off now but back then it really broke my heart!

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    I think colors for gender neutral these days is easier with shades of blue, green, browns, and orange. The most difficult is finding fabrics that aren’t too feminine.
    Love this room!

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    nicely done.
    One of my suggestions to clients is to look to their collections and interests.
    I did one “Old Salem” style nursery that was really red, white and blue. But the focus was around a piece of reproduction Old Sturbridge stencil fabric that was red, white and blue.

    It worked with their furnishings, was gender neutral and got lots of great comments.

    We custom painted an oil cloth crib rug to match the stencil, made shades using the stencil, and a custom made red quilt for the crib.

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    I am doing a nursery for a boy, and would love to know what color of green this is called?

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