The Newest of “New Arrivals”

Clean and crisp. It’s no wonder why we swoon over these hot new nursery looks offered by New Arrivals Inc

Florida based owner and designer Tori Swaim has recently accommodated my most popular request – simple white pique crib bedding with trim in a variety of colors. You see, I am a big fan of the crib sheet. By pairing  it with a simple bumper and crib skirt, patterned crib sheets, curtains or rug possibilities are endless.  Most of all, I find that it compliments my own personal style – a happy compromise between traditional and contemporary. I’ve had my eye on New Arrivals Inc. for quite some time now and I couldn’t be more pleased with their fresh, new approach to crib bedding design. Just take a look at the eye candy below and you’ll see what I mean!


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    You are right about the plain and simple white crib bedding being easy to pair up with just about anything. Plus it looks striking in rooms like this. I was just wondering though if you chose pastels because it works best for white cribs, or is it the new trend?

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    Great idea. I always think practically and having a white crib is perfect for just any baby, boy or girl, so if you have another baby in the future, it will still be okay for you to reuse the same crib. The fact that it is compatible with just about any design idea is an added bonus!

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