Stylish Halloween Wreath Project

With Halloween quickly approaching, I have been on the lookout for great decoration ideas (that look a little more “stylish” than they do “crafty”) that are perfect for kids.  I came across this darling idea in the latest issue of Woman’s Day magazine to turn everyone’s favorite halloween candy into a stylish home decoration.

I love this look of this wreath!  It’s modern and clean-looking, but yet still a whimsical, candy wreath!  Sure to get “oohs” and “ahhs” from your little ones, this project is simple to make and I even have a couple tips on how to preserve the candy on the wreath (so you can hang it on your door the whole month of October and save it for years to come!).

To preserve the candy:

Let your candy corn dry out completely before you begin the project. The natural moisture of the candy will evaporate, making it easier to work with and less attractive to bugs. Spread your candy out in a single layer on a baking sheet, and store in a cool, dry place for 3 to 7 days until candy hardens.  Once the candy corn has been dried out, coat it with a spray-on protectant to preserve the color and keep bugs away.

Lay the candy on wax paper in a single layer and apply spray according to the product’s directions. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended drying times for handling candy. Once the protectant has completely dried, flip candy over and repeat on the other side until the drying process is completed.


Styrofoam wreath, black duct tape, a hot-glue gun, a wide ribbon and candy corn

To make the wreath:

Loop the black duct tape around the wreath to completely cover it.  Lay the candy corn out around the wreath in single rows, with one row pointing left and the next pointing right, but don’t glue down just yet.  Once you are happy with your layout, remove the corn from the wreath and hot-glue the pieces in the pattern one at a time, starting from the outer edge of the wreath working inward, until you’ve covered the entire top and side.  Hang your completed wreath on a ribbon tied into a bow and then you are ready to hang your wreath!

Have a DIY project of your own that you’d like to share with us?
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    Hi Kelli: This is so beautiful and gives me an idea for my Christmas wreath too, this time, using green candy :) Thanks for the wonderful idea!

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    I just made this and it turned out sooo cute! I am not a crafty person so really anyone can do this! Thanks for the idea!

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