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Purple, Purple, Everywhere

As we enter fall purple is everywhere. It’s in the home and on the runway. We are seeing deep purples and lighter lavenders on everything from tennis shoes to baby rooms. Often just seen as  an accent color,  it can actually be the main focus in a room. We love the deep purples they feel so regal.

We loved the different shades of purple and suede’s in these new fall shoes…

To find a wide selection of kids paints go to Valspar paints. They have some fun purple color combinations and you can  play with an interactive color program that changes the wall & trim colors with the click of a button.

Patterns help soften and add texture to this lavender room.

Our favorite Nike shoe for fall. And our own Little Crown Interiors elegant nursery design.

Purple mixed with bright colors makes a fun kids modern room come alive. We found some fun sophisticated papers at Graham & Brown.

Whether you use just a splash or cover a room in it, purple can make a strong statement that we love . We gladly welcome purple as one of the it colors for fall 2010.

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  1. avatar Cindy says:

    Couple in the nursery is simply gorgeous. Can you please tell me what color it is? Thank you.

  2. avatar kmoneydizzlesnuff says:

    Audrey Hepburn, smoking a cigarette, in a baby room? c’moooon!

  3. avatar Bibzees says:

    I smiled when I saw the top baby nursery for my daughter’s room is very similar….I just love it! Purple will never go out of style.

  4. […] I almost squealed with delight at this collection of fabulous purple rooms and fashions over on Project Nursery. Purple is definitely not part of our soon-to-be nursery’s color […]

  5. avatar Marichelle says:

    That is a lovely poster… did you have that printed???

  6. avatar Rosa Lim says:

    Purple really is my favorite. I love just how feminine it is without being too traditional like pink is. My room is similar to the featured lavender room here… but without the patterns. I think I’m going to add the patterns, project nursery style! I’m so excited!

  7. avatar Kelly Lebron says:

    And here I was thinking that purple was sooo 2009. Thanks ladies for straightening that up, I still have lots of purple in my closet just waiting to be worn!

  8. I absolutely love the modern and sophisticated designs of the baby’s rooms above. I will definitely be decorating in this fashion, rather than the traditional baby room style. Great idea!!