Mother of Five says, “It’s time a for a Change!”

Here’s one of those designs that have us saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”. When mother of five Paige Burton grew tired of the unattractive and idle changing tables collecting in her basement she came up with “Time for a Change”.

You see, Paige was finding that her relatives opted for the carpeted floor in lieu of navigating the awkward angle that accompanies rectangular tables. Therefore, her patented round changing tables are not only designed to be beautiful but also functional. It’s circular top and supply ledge below the table top frees up room for baby – Genius!

Paige’s design has been so popular after its feature on that the product is on wait list. Official purchases will be available on in October for $799. Design enthusiasts have their choice of white, cherry, chocolate, or natural in either a 2 or 3 drawer design. All pieces are 200 lbs of solid oak and made to last a lifetime of many functions. How would you choose to use this beyond the nursery?


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    I saw this on when the Guncles from Tori Spellings show got one and fell in love! I am on the wait list and can’t wait. After the baby I wold either put a lamp and photos on top or since I am getting the 2 drawer version
    I would put a TV and a game console in the opening. It is Time For A Change!

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    I LOVE this table! I’m an artist, and this would be perfect for display and storage in my studio. I don’t have a baby, but will consider buying a couple of these anyway!

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    What a great idea and such a sleek design. Although my babies have outgrown their diapers, this table would work wonderfully as a dresser. Just add a mirror on the wall and presto…I can keep all my make-up stuff on the open shelf below – easy to reach without being out there for all to see!! Genius.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Now this is what I call innovation. Something like this could only come from a mother who have the insight to make diaper changing time easier. Congratulations to Paige!!!

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    I love love love this table!!!! I am on the wait list and cant wait for the launch in Feb! Lol it loooks nothing like a sink

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    Warning: Do not do business with these people! They are dishonest and have several outstanding judgments against them that they have not paid. Paige Burton aka Paige Barnes is a fraud. The table is made in China and she is reselling it here at a huge mark up. I would not put my baby on this table.

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    I actually got to go where they are making them as I’m going to
    Carry it in my boutique it was in LA. We loved it and placed our first order.
    The owner is a gentlemen and he was great to work with.

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