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How To Access Our Project Gallery

Websites are much like children’s rooms, every once in a while they need a fresh coat of paint. Since we launched, our Project Gallery of Real Rooms & Parties have been a platform for real designers and parents to showcase nurseries, toddler rooms, showers and kids’ parties. Inspired by reader suggestions, here are the new gateways to access Project Nursery’s Photo Gallery.

1. The Gallery can be accessed by choosing the camera icon on our links bar.

2. Use our new colorful “Upload Now” button to start the process of sharing your photos.

3. Get a glimpse at some of our most recent nursery, kid rooms, and party uploads by visiting our home page. Like what you see? See more of the project by clicking its picture or other rooms by choosing “View All.”

We hope our new changes make it easier for you dream, discover, and design! Stay tuned for our new user and gallery functions debuting in October.


Sunday 26th of September 2010

I agree with you Leslieq. The gallery here at PN is one of my treasure troves of really fun and neat designs. Sometimes it's just very difficult to choose designs because all of them are equally beautiful and charming!


Friday 17th of September 2010

Just taking the opportunity to thank you for all the work you've done here. The galleries are one of my favorite habits, I check them everyday and find myself spending hours browsing everything!!!!!