Gallery Roundup: Rough, Tough & Made for Baby

They say everything is a little bigger and a little tougher in Texas.  Knox Titus’s Nursery seems to stand true to that. Though still displaying traditional soft nursery touches, this Ft. Worth, Texas family added some bark to Knox’s room with a hand painted portrait of their English Bulldog and matching mobile.

How do you incorporate the furry side of the family into your nursery design? Tell us by commenting or upload your designs to our Real Gallery!


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    We are a family of pet lovers and I have been looking for creative ways to incorporate our pets with the designs we have all over the house. Thanks for this inspiration, I was going to go for stuffed toys and animals, but I realized that it would be easy to clutter the place with that!

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    I’ve never really thought about a painting before. What I do is to have lots of stuffed animals. When we had our Rico, we had snoopy all around in honor of our real beagle :)

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    I love this desigN. I’m going to try to incorporate the photo idea in my nursery. But where did you get the mobile?

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