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Featured Contributor & Giveaway: The TomKat Studio

Our dear contributor and woman behind The TomKat Studio Kim Stoegbauer, is taking time to answer some of our curious questions today. We are proud to boast that we knew Kim way back when. Okay, it’s only been less than two years but she’s exploded onto the children’s party scene with her sweet sense of style and highly coveted DIY party printables.

Working from home doing what you love is a dream come true for myself and so many other moms. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of late nights. Kim is an inspiring example of what it takes to manage a household of kids, while making your passion profitable.  Get to know the Kim we’ve all grown to admire. And get a chance to win a $50 shop credit at The TomKat Studio.
We know working from home can be both a dream and a huge challenge. What are the best and worst parts of working from home?
The best part is that I am available when my family needs me. My schedule is flexible, so I can choose when I work. I love being home, working in my comfortable studio, with my iPod playing and cup of coffee in my hand! The hardest part is finding the perfect balance between work time and family time since both parts of my life share the same space. When you are working outside the home, it is much easier to define hours and give your full attention to what’s happening during those hours.



What’s your typical morning look like?
With the help of my wonderful husband, we get the kids showered, fed, lunches made and off to school (Tommy is in Kindergarten and Kate is in Preschool). I get settled in at my desk and start checking email, Facebook & Twitter. I make sure our latest post is ready to go out for our 9:00am email feed.

What are your real work hours these days?
With Tommy starting Kindergarten and Kate in preschool, my work hours have become much more defined, which is great! I have three days of 9am-3pm of uninterrupted focused work time. I definitely can’t get everything done (plus household errands and duties) in 18 hours a week, so I usually also work after everyone is sleeping! I am a night owl so I love designing and blogging at night.

It takes passion, dedication and time to start your own business, all of which you have. How long has it taken for you to make your business profitable?
I have been very lucky with the quick success of my business. I started it about a year and a half ago, and with the lack of overhead it became profitable almost immediately. I am extremely passionate about my business, which makes it so easy to dedicate time to it. I still step back some days and can’t believe how fast it’s grown and that people really love what I am creating!

What or who gave you your big break? In otherwords, how did you get that massive facebook fan following ;)?
Hee! Hee! The Facebook following has really come gradually, rather than one big feature on another site. When I started my fan page, I really started using it right away to not only showcase my own work, but to feature other parties and products that caught my eye. I have been using it more as a community, where my readers can ask me questions directly on my page and I will always answer them. I also ask for my fans to help other fans with ideas for party themes and sources when they are looking for them. It gives the page that welcoming feel that readers respond to. I couldn’t be more esctastic that the page has nearly 10,000 fans!

I have had my share of “big breaks” and it has been thrilling! Of course, Project Nursery has been wonderful for getting my name out to all of our fabulous readers! Features on Martha Stewart, Hostess with the Mostess & Amy Atlas Events have also been wonderful and really huge accomplishments for me! To be featured by the very women who inspire you, is an amazing feeling!

What’s your favorite printable collection thus far?
Great question! My favorite still and probably always will be our Lollipop Collection! I created the party designs for my own daughter’s 2nd birthday, so it holds a special place in my heart. It was really the first collection offered when I opened my shop and got lots of attention! I am in the process of revamping it a bit and will have new fabulous photos to show soon!

What are your future plans for The TomKat Studio?
Who knows where we might go next? The possibilities are endless! I have so many ideas of new projects and products that could expand my business. It is just a matter of exploring all of the options and choosing a direction to go! For now, I will continue creating new designs, have a fabulous time styling them in party settings and blogging all about it!

Can you give us a hint on what you’ll be working on next?
No way….it’s top secret!! :) Well, okay I am working on new blog and shop designs, which will be coming soon! And maybe, just maybe a few new projects that I am so excited about! Stay tuned….

WIN IT! The TomKat Studio is giving one lucky Project Nursery reader a $50 credit towards any purchase within the The TomKat Studio’s Etsy Shop (good for one year). Visit Kim at The TomKat Studio and comment back with either your very favorite collection or share a design idea for future TKS collections!

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Lisa L

Sunday 3rd of October 2010

I'm a subscriber. tylerpants{at}

Lisa L

Sunday 3rd of October 2010

My favorite is the Nautical Crab Birthday Party collection... so summery and fun! tylerpants{at}


Sunday 3rd of October 2010

I subscribe to your blog!


Sunday 3rd of October 2010

Love the Halloween Collection, such attention to details; love it!


Friday 1st of October 2010

I like her Modern Holiday stuff!