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Bohemian Babies Prefer Rikshaw

Boho chic is a style that can be applied to more then just woman’s fashion. It has found its way into the nursery as well. Rikshaw Design has brought the vibrant artistry of hand block-printed bohemian style to baby bedding, clothes, diaper holders, burbs and bibs and blankets. Back in 2008, Melisa wrote about Rikshaw Design and it had me dreaming of creating a baby room with that same cool bohemian feel. I am still in love with the playful yet sophisticated patterns that have become classic and timeless.

The Taj baby blanket by Rikshaw Design features a signature Indian design of monkeys and elephants and is available in six colors. They are made from super soft Indian cotton voile and look so pretty spread out on the floor as a play mat. The blankets come in a handy drawstring cloth bag which make them perfect new baby gifts. Find them at Layla Grayce for $68.

Dominique Florea

Monday 6th of May 2013

Love these ideas- also saw an amazing free bird like baby carousel once that i love- it lookslike the paisley birds are flying around your babys crib. amazing.


Thursday 23rd of September 2010

Victoria --

Just looking at the blankets now... I have all in front of me except the green :) The yellow and pink are definitely pastel; The blue is more of a primary blue, the piping on the lavender blanket is bolder than the print on the fabric and the aqua is not at all paste but rather bright and fun. Hope that helps!


Thursday 23rd of September 2010

I love the design, but I find the colors too pale. Do they have it in deeper tones, something like solid blue rather than pastels??


Wednesday 22nd of September 2010

It seems that Indian motif is really big right now. I just saw some crazy real rooms in the gallery that were amazing with its Indian motif and now this. A question, though... What is hand-block painted? What process is this?


Tuesday 21st of September 2010

Love the Rikshaw Design line. SUPER SOFT and amazing.. An online picture, though beautiful, doesn't do justice to these amazing fabrics! Entire line also available at Polka Dot Peacock: