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Baby Safety Month Part 2: Splish, Splash, Safety!

Slippery surfaces, hot temperatures, and cabinet doors are some of the concerns parents have regarding bathroom safety. In recognition of Baby Safety Month we’ve gathered some of our favorite bathroom helpers.  These products in conjunction with full adult supervision will help protect your family during bath time and beyond!

1. The Big Gripper Slip Proof Bath Mat measures 39½”L x 16″W, covering almost all of the tub floor. With 200 suction cups this super cushy mat is staying comfortably put. Resistant to bacteria and mildew, the mat is  machine washable for easy cleaning.

2. The Aquatopia Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm takes all the guess work out of water temperature. Parents who reviewed the product not only loved the digital display but raved about how quickly the power kicked on and off when placed in and out of water.

3. Moms know that one of the biggest distractions to a squiggly toddler is the tub faucet. Giggle’s Moby Bath Spout Cover protects little hands from being in contact with the spout. Moby is cleaverly designed to grant access to the shower switch and his tail latches to bath rails for easy storage.

4. From toilet latches to outlet covers, The DreamBaby Bathroom Safety Value Pack is a 28 piece set of protection. This can be an excellent starter kit or everything you need, depending on the demands of your bathroom. We think it brings new meaning to the perfect “shower” gift!

5. The Clean Water Infant Tub found at Giggle is the only infant tub designed for use while the water is running. As new water flows in, dirty water flows out. An audible water indicator alerts parents of high temperatures and a color-changing back lit thermometer display helps you keep baby comfortable.

What safety challenges do you find in the bathroom? Share your strategies and favorite products by commenting!

Marie Anderson

Sunday 26th of September 2010

I never thought I'd actually comment here, even though I've been stalking your galleries and blogs for a year! My Amanda has been very prone to yeast infection that is why I was all too willing to try out the Cleanwater Infant Tub. So far, I noticed that the redness in her genital area is GONE. That was an almost everyday feature after every bath, and now it's just gone. It's amazing how the dirty water just goes out of the tub! Thanks!!!!


Saturday 18th of September 2010

You are right that no tool or device or product is a sure way to keep your babies safe. They still need your supervision and you need to keep an eye on them. But I agree, these really helps!