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Woohoo! for joojoo!

I am jumping up and down with excitement for this awesome company, joojoo baby.  I was super fortunate to have the opportunity to personally check out their amazing art panels for kids. What is an art panel?  Oh, I am glad you asked!

The joojoo baby art panel is a fun new take on art for your kids room or nursery.  Their panels consist of modern, graphic prints that are mounted on coordinating colorful non-toxic foam.  They each come with one inch adhesive foam squares for mounting.  The panels are super lightweight, EASY to mount and won’t tear up your walls.  And since they are mounted on a foam square they appear to just float on your wall.  There are over 400 options to choose from which includes the option to personalize.  With so many fabulous designs to choose from it won’t be long before you will be yelling woohoo for joojoo!

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  1. avatar Natalie says:

    They look really lovely. I’m sure they’d add color and fun to any room. I went to their site and I also love their grownup panels.

  2. avatar Bibzees says:

    Love how you can personalize these! Terrific!

  3. avatar Rebecca says:

    Some of the panels can be personalized with a name or even a photo. They are available in various colors that would coordinate with some of the themed graphic panels (:

  4. avatar open768 says:

    ah wrong company!!

  5. avatar open768 says:

    cute, but can they please fix what they have, really annoyed that FG have all but abandoned its small but existing fan base.

  6. avatar BriskRain says:

    Rebecca, lovely things as usual. You did say that you have the option to personalize these, does it go for all designs or just some selected ones?

  7. avatar Gina Alton says:

    how cute are these! so fun.