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Stepping Up The Kids Bathroom

When it came time for my little guy to be a big boy in the bathroom he needed a step up. I initially purchased a couple cute plastic steps that I scooped up on the way home from the Container Store. Needless to say, total child safety hazard. Every time my then 2 year old stepped up to reach the sink, the step would slide out from underneath him on the tiled floor.  This was an unfortunate reminder that quality is key, especially in a place like the bathroom where 70% of all household accidents occur. So when the beautifully painted, sturdy wooden step from our friends at Kt Steppers arrived, I was thrilled and so was Austin!

The mom of two and creator of Kt Steppers, Katie O’Neill conceived her personalized business when a family member was on the hunt for special gift. Perfect for “big” brothers or sisters, birthdays and births, Katie’s personalized touch and service has her custom steppers gracing celebrity nurseries from (my favorite) Natalie Morales to (Adrienne’s favorite) Bethenny’s Bryn.

Celebrating two years in the business, Kt Steppers doesn’t stop at the cricket step stool. They will also customize play tables, rockers, craft totes and more. However their designer steppers ranging from superheros to tic tac toe benefiting charities, are hands down the most popular. There is even a handy “Time Out” stool for mom – something most households with toddlers could benefit from ;)

Visit Kt Steppers for their super selection or check out the Project Nursery Editors Picks page to purchase our favorite chalkboard stepper – functional fun for reaching toys or books in the playroom.

And since we are a kid design blog, here’s the completed inexpensive kids bathroom makeover that recently took place in my home. I am too embarrassed to post the before pic of yellow and brown 1960’s tiles that cover all four walls, floor and ceiling but be sure to check it out HERE. It’s a testament to what a couple thousand bucks (and a sledge hammer) from Home Depot can do!

Friday 1st of June 2012

This is super cute & classy- love it! :)


Sunday 13th of February 2011

I love the color of the bathroom walls. I was just wondering what it is called. Thanks!!!


Monday 20th of September 2010

These steppers are a godsend! My little Athalia had an accident using those rickety stools you find out there. Good thing she didn't break anything! It's just an eye opener for me really. Kt Steppers doesn't even move an inch!


Thursday 16th of September 2010

Most people neglect the bathroom and instead pour their efforts into the nursery. Major mistake. Soon they find that their bathrooms are thoroughly inappropriate for the little ones, and it makes it kinda dangerous for them too! Melisa thanks for the inspiration!

Kim - The TomKat Studio

Friday 10th of September 2010

WOW! Melisa, that bathroom is gorgeous!!