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Giveaway: Win Childproofing By Safety 1st Pros!

tips for babyproofing in a nursery designWhile every parent is different when it comes to nursery design style, there’s one thing we all agree on: A Nursery Should Be A Safe Place! Little Crown Interiors regularly calls on the experts at Safety 1st Pros to give our designs a thorough nursery safety assessment.  We recently re-visited one of our nursery designs to speak with Kimberlee Mitchell – safety expert with Safety 1st Pros – to discuss some of the most important nursery safety issues…

Kimberlee also answered some of our burning nursery safety questions (click for a .pdf of Kimberlee’s nursery safety tips):

Little Crown Interiors: What are the top three nursery safety issues that you find parents are not aware of?

Safety 1st Pros: Number 1: Bedroom window falls – children will climb up to a window to get a glimpse of a barking dog, the mailman, or daddy coming home, and unknowingly put themselves in harm’s way.  Number 2: Strangulation or entanglement hazards – blind cords, curtain pulls, some decor elements, electrical cords (i.e. iPod USB cords, baby monitor cords) and mobiles are all common strangulation or entanglement hazards we find in homes.  Number 3: Early Climbers – while this might not be one of the most common nursery hazards, when it does occur, it’s critical.  Early climbers tend to climb out of the crib before the age of two, far before they are able to handle the freedom of a toddler bed.

Little Crown Interiors: A lot of our clients choose to have crib bumpers despite the controversy.  We always make sure to inform them about the safety concerns, but they still remain a nursery standard.  What’s your take?

Safety 1st Pros: When it comes to baby safety, I’m ultra conservative and encourage parents to be the same way.  Why gamble with your child’s safety?  That said, I recommend not to use crib bumpers, to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).  Read more about SIDS prevention at

custom crib bumper safety questions

Little Crown Interiors asked Safety 1st Pros about several other nursery items (window treatments, changing tables, 2 story homes, etc…) – for a downloadable .pdf with Kimberlee’s nursery safety tips, please click here. Kimberlee has also created several videos with nursery safety tips – click the links below to view:

Crib Bumper Safety

Baby Proofing in the Nursery

A Beautiful Nursery Doesn’t Have to Compromise Safety

Crib Recalls

What’s Safe to Have in the Crib

Changing Table Safety

WIN IT: Safety 1st Pros is giving one lucky Project Nursery reader a FREE childproofing consultation (worth $75) as well as $200 worth of product to childproof their home. Safety 1st Pros will also install this product FREE of charge.  Safety 1st Pros services the tri-state area on the east coast, which covers MANY cities in Fairfield County, CT; Northern to mid, NJ as well as Westchester County and NYC including Manhattan, Queens, Long island, etc., as well as all the cities in Los Angeles and Orange counties in southern California.

Do you have any safety conundrums in your home?  Have they been addressed yet or are they still looming?  Post your comments to enter to win!  Contest ends Friday September 3rd, 2010 at 11:59 pm.

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