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Nursery Culture: The Gender Neutral Nursery

Lately, Little Crown Interiors has been asked for an increasing number of gender neutral nurseries.  Today, we want to share some of our nursery design ideas about gender neutral nurseries with the Project Nursery community!

nursery interior design by Little Crown Interiors in blue and brown and orange

Pick a Color – Any Color! Don’t feel confined by green and yellow (although those are definitely lovely colors for a gender neutral nursery).  Not long ago, we were asked for a aqua, brown and orange gender neutral nursery, and while those colors have historically been reserved for boy’s rooms, we found that this nursery design functioned perfectly for a girl’s room too (we’re still waiting for completed photos – and to find out whether a boy or girl is sleeping in this nursery).

Here’s another example of a very unique gender neutral nursery color scheme that we recently did for an adventurous client in New York City!

plum and coral and turquoise gender neutral nursery design

Pattern-Schmattern. Don’t be afraid of florals!  Historically feminine, we’ve found that there are tons of great ways to include floral patterns in a gender neutral nursery.  If the pattern is the right color, it can definitely be made to work.  Here’s a great example of a nursery design we’re completing for another one of our clients.  This nursery design features floral patterns throughout the room in the bedding and all of the custom textiles.

gender neutral nursery interior design by Little Crown Interiors

There’s Nothing Wrong With A Theme! While it seems that “theme” rooms don’t have the popularity they once had, we promise that you can feel comfortable creating a theme room.  Particularly in the case of a gender neutral nursery, consider an animal, alphabet or nature theme.

Not So Neutral… With each post that we create for Project Nursery, we try to find a way to help readers remember what a special place a nursery really is.  So, here’s a little “Nursery Culture” tip for you…  Be sure to create a space in the nursery design for a specific item you will add once you know the baby’s name and gender.  Make it something really special – something to remind you of the anticipation you had for all those months – wondering whether your baby was a boy or girl.  Make it something that reminds you of how happy you were when you first found out which it was…  As long as the item speaks to you, it can really be anything: from personalized artwork…

personalized girl art

Special Delivery - Girl, by Oopsy Daisy

personalized boy wall art by oopsy daisy

Special Delivery - Boy, by Oopsy Daisy

… to a beautiful display of the baby’s name on the wall…

vinyl monogram by Wee Monograms

Monogram by Wee Monograms

nursery monogram by wee monograms

Monogram by Wee Monograms

…or a fun, personalized toy.

personalized toy train

Name Train by Vibrant Trains (Etsy)

While working on your nursery design, find it and bookmark it so you can easily purchase it once your bundle of joy arrives.

That’s it for this week – however, we’ll be sharing a video of one of the completed nurseries above in the coming weeks.  Have a preference as to which one of the designs you would like to see?  Have you created a gender neutral nursery and have a tip to share?  Please share your thoughts with the Project Nursery community by posting your comments now!

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Wednesday 5th of October 2011

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Friday 4th of March 2011

Thank you so much for including VibrantTrains in your beautiful blog. What a fantastic idea you have here. Love it!


Friday 20th of August 2010

Hi there. I think that a lot of parents now are opting not to know their baby's gender beforehand, so this feature really is a great way to have them learn about gender neutral rooms that's fit for boys and girls.


Monday 9th of August 2010

I love the last nursery. I am not a huge fan of floral prints but I adore this room. I would absolutely do this in my home. The colors are gorgeous and the more geometric pattern on the rug adds a bit of masculinity that balances out the floral pattern really well. Thanks guys, they were all great!