Gallery Round Up: Tangerine Grove

When I was three my parents bought a house with plans to remodel. I begged and plead that they leave the built-in Sunkist Soda orange bunk beds that were installed by the previous owners. Declaring that they were unsafe, mom and dad proceeded with their demolition project. For years after that I proclaimed orange as my favorite color. Perhaps it was a psychological plea for the return of my citrus-toned sleeping quarters? When rounding up the Real Gallery this week a few orange rooms caught my eye.

This Modern Nesting Nursery was designed around an incredible Anthropologie rug. The designer opted for this modern color choice in lieu of powder pink.

I call dibs on Sloan’s Nursery when Sloan is out of town! If you’ve read my posts before you know I’m a fan of vintage. Sloan’s orange glider and hodge podge frame collection make this room a gem. Let’s not overlook the designer’s fantastic choice to mismatch bedding.

What are your thoughts? Don’t forget to share your comments with the nursery owners and rate these rooms. Are they 5 elephant-worthy?


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    I love the orange accents! I’m trying to find an orange glider for my son’s nursery. Where did you find the one pictured (it’s perfect!)?

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