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Wanted: Superheros

It’s time to finally pull it together and complete a few kiddie room designs in this household. For the last 8 months I’ve been preparing to move back east for my husband’s job. I also had a baby on the way and because I was so busy sharing my opinion about everyone else’s nursery, I didn’t take the time to decorate my own. I figured, “What was the point if we were putting the house on the market?”. Well, it looks like we are officially staying put for one more year.  And now my baby will be 5 months this week so like my postpartum figure, I can’t claim, ” I just had a baby” as an excuse. So without further ado, I hope you’ll join me on my latest personal decorating journey. First stop, a creepy-crawly masked superhero for my tot…

Thank god for Potterybarn Kids. They probably got the same request I did.

I am sitting here wondering how my toddler grew up so quickly. I am also scratching my head thinking, “Since when did room decor become a democracy?”. Tonight’s bedtime conversation went something like this:

M: How do you want mommy to decorate your room?

DS: I want Spiderman!

M: Really? How about this…What colors do you want in your room?

DS: I want red, blue and….Spiderman!

Okay, I get the hint. Besides, I’ve ask the same questions all week to no avail. So here goes readers and fellow decorators: How would you decorate your child’s room in a theme without a theme? Do you have any clever superhero or Spiderman specific ideas you can share with me? Mom’s of girls, did you really give in to Disney Princesses?

Oh and did I mention that I can’t stand themes! If you’ve been following me, I am the mom who miraculously pulled off a Thomas the Train birthday party without the Thomas. I also happen to be working on a Hungry Caterpillar book themed nursery (more to come) without the caterpillar. So is a traditional (see bunk bed) Spiderman toddler room possible without looking like you’ve walked straight into a Marvel comic?

Wish me luck! I look forward to blogging about the room makeover over the next month. While I am anxious to get your opinions, I guess the true judge will be my three year old!

Kim Vermeulen

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

Can i buy the sheets ? I live in Belgium


Friday 9th of July 2010

I am almost through with my son's room. I was able to get him away from a Spiderman room and into a superhero room. We bought the Batman, Spiderman, and Superman Pottery Barn Kid sheets while they were on sale and rotate them when Cash gets the itch to be a different character. We did the navy camp bed collection (also on sale) with red storage containers and and red and blue rug (PBK). The only superhero accents are a light on the dresser, a hand-painted picture of Spiderman, a framed picture of my son in is Halloween costume last year (of course, Spiderman), the bed has a navy shelf with superhero items on it, and three Batman comic books that are framed above chalkboard. I accented corners of his room with centers like two red magnet boards from Pottery Barn Kids for letters, one wall has a chalkboard at his height. another wall as a peg rack for his costumes and a basket for his masks and other hats. A corkboard square above this for his artwork. His bed has the red and white gingham duvet cover and a navy blanket at the end. It can easily be transformed into another type of room leaving the red, white, and navy colors, and just switch the sheets out. He loves his room, (he's 4) he doesn't want to come out. good luck to you!


Tuesday 22nd of June 2010

Hi Amanda, You'll have to share your room on our gallery so I can see it! I just got the sheets sent to me yesterday but get this, PBK came out with a NEW Spiderman set which is not in stores yet. I just caught it in the designer preview catalog. I can't believe it cause it's kinda cuter. Oh well, go figure!


Tuesday 22nd of June 2010

I am doing this same theme for my 8 yr old..... I already have the sheets from PB and a blue comforter....a black web hanging down in one corner and THAT IS IT!!! I was definitely wanting to go more Vintage spiderman and was wanting to do the comic book thing without it being so much!!!! Can't wait to see what you pull off!

Jacqueline Holley

Friday 18th of June 2010

I would look for a fine woven mesh type fabric that could go behind the headboard and put a vintage spiderman figure going up - he could totally move it and pretend that he is going up the side of the building. Also, if you used chalkboard paint on one wall to paint a stripe at wainscoting height, you could write all kinds of spidy classic phrases now, change them to Star Wars or whatever later. Good luck!