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Wanted: Superheros

It’s time to finally pull it together and complete a few kiddie room designs in this household. For the last 8 months I’ve been preparing to move back east for my husband’s job. I also had a baby on the way and because I was so busy sharing my opinion about everyone else’s nursery, I didn’t take the time to decorate my own. I figured, “What was the point if we were putting the house on the market?”. Well, it looks like we are officially staying put for one more year.  And now my baby will be 5 months this week so like my postpartum figure, I can’t claim, ” I just had a baby” as an excuse. So without further ado, I hope you’ll join me on my latest personal decorating journey. First stop, a creepy-crawly masked superhero for my tot…

Thank god for Potterybarn Kids. They probably got the same request I did.

I am sitting here wondering how my toddler grew up so quickly. I am also scratching my head thinking, “Since when did room decor become a democracy?”. Tonight’s bedtime conversation went something like this:

M: How do you want mommy to decorate your room?

DS: I want Spiderman!

M: Really? How about this…What colors do you want in your room?

DS: I want red, blue and….Spiderman!

Okay, I get the hint. Besides, I’ve ask the same questions all week to no avail. So here goes readers and fellow decorators: How would you decorate your child’s room in a theme without a theme? Do you have any clever superhero or Spiderman specific ideas you can share with me? Mom’s of girls, did you really give in to Disney Princesses?

Oh and did I mention that I can’t stand themes! If you’ve been following me, I am the mom who miraculously pulled off a Thomas the Train birthday party without the Thomas. I also happen to be working on a Hungry Caterpillar book themed nursery (more to come) without the caterpillar. So is a traditional (see bunk bed) Spiderman toddler room possible without looking like you’ve walked straight into a Marvel comic?

Wish me luck! I look forward to blogging about the room makeover over the next month. While I am anxious to get your opinions, I guess the true judge will be my three year old!

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  1. avatar Kim Vermeulen says:

    Can i buy the sheets ? I live in Belgium

  2. avatar keduvall says:

    I am almost through with my son’s room. I was able to get him away from a Spiderman room and into a superhero room. We bought the Batman, Spiderman, and Superman Pottery Barn Kid sheets while they were on sale and rotate them when Cash gets the itch to be a different character. We did the navy camp bed collection (also on sale) with red storage containers and and red and blue rug (PBK). The only superhero accents are a light on the dresser, a hand-painted picture of Spiderman, a framed picture of my son in is Halloween costume last year (of course, Spiderman), the bed has a navy shelf with superhero items on it, and three Batman comic books that are framed above chalkboard. I accented corners of his room with centers like two red magnet boards from Pottery Barn Kids for letters, one wall has a chalkboard at his height. another wall as a peg rack for his costumes and a basket for his masks and other hats. A corkboard square above this for his artwork. His bed has the red and white gingham duvet cover and a navy blanket at the end. It can easily be transformed into another type of room leaving the red, white, and navy colors, and just switch the sheets out. He loves his room, (he’s 4) he doesn’t want to come out. good luck to you!

  3. avatar Melisa says:

    Hi Amanda, You’ll have to share your room on our gallery so I can see it! I just got the sheets sent to me yesterday but get this, PBK came out with a NEW Spiderman set which is not in stores yet. I just caught it in the designer preview catalog. I can’t believe it cause it’s kinda cuter. Oh well, go figure!

  4. avatar Amanda says:

    I am doing this same theme for my 8 yr old….. I already have the sheets from PB and a blue comforter….a black web hanging down in one corner and THAT IS IT!!! I was definitely wanting to go more Vintage spiderman and was wanting to do the comic book thing without it being so much!!!! Can’t wait to see what you pull off!

  5. avatar Jacqueline Holley says:

    I would look for a fine woven mesh type fabric that could go behind the headboard and put a vintage spiderman figure going up – he could totally move it and pretend that he is going up the side of the building. Also, if you used chalkboard paint on one wall to paint a stripe at wainscoting height, you could write all kinds of spidy classic phrases now, change them to Star Wars or whatever later. Good luck!

  6. avatar MalinaStwrt says:

    I’m so happy to see that the superhero theme is a big hit!

    Thanks Lisa for the advice of having a few character items in case the phase runs out. Good thinking ahead!

  7. I too am big on themes but not all into the characters. If I were decorating my son’s bedroom in super-hero / Spiderman (again), I would make a web decal and add his name in a cool font over the web so it looks like it is caught in there.

  8. avatar Lisa says:

    I totally agree on making the room colors of “spiderman” then maybe a pillow or two on the bed with spiderman along with a spiderman nightlight….you can always change the few spiderman items when the phase runs out. As for the princesses, no we did not give in to that (I do not like Disney themed bedrooms) but we did get a few pillows, a nightlight and a few trickets for the dresser of the princesses, thank goodness because that phase was done and over in the wink of an eye and now we are on to Hannah Montana and peace signs!!

  9. Jen, I am totally using the comic book lamp shade idea from you. I’ll have to look back and credit each of you with your tips. Nancy, I also now have the perfect stacking cube idea thanks to you! And great job Joanne. I am so glad you shared. I like that it’s a themed without going crazy. Funny though b/c I showed my son the sheets and he said yes and big, big Spiderman on the wall too. I am thinking yeah right.

  10. avatar nancy says:

    Isn’t it always easier to do a client’s space than your own child!’s I am loving the idea posted earlier of skyscrapers. It can still be graphic! I am sure you can find some city wall decals. I don’t love theme rooms either. But it actually could be great fun to do some stacking cubes for toys and have spiderman painted on as if he is climbing up! Vintage comic book frames are great idea too. I would stick to a classic furniture. Though I could see a cannonball headboard in a great blue and a dresser painted blue.

  11. avatar joanne says:

    it’s fun! i just did a superhero nursery for an avid comic book collector. thank goodness they had great taste and great prints for the wall. we used pottery barn bedding and pulled the colors from the bedding throughout the room.
    on one wall with vinyl lettering we put “wake up it’s time to save your world!”
    They are getting ready to transition him into a toddler room already, new baby brother on the way, so i’m looking forward to expanding the theme. please see my link below.

  12. avatar Jen says:

    I would agree, I think keeping the colors red, blue with a splash of black and sprinkle in a few Spiderman things like the sheets and maybe some comic books framed or a few vintage spidy toys (or make a lamp shade using a comic book) Also, don’t forget the “web” aka a net in the corner of the room to hold stuffed animals and other goodies. If it’s anything like my son’s Batman phase–it will last about 9 mos to a year and then you will be on to Star Wars (at least THAT holds their attention longer!) And no, I did not cave into Disney Princesses–but then it’s a lot easier to go generic princess, but not so easy to go generic “spideman” ;-)

  13. avatar Melisa says:

    Catherine & PJLand, these are super ideas. Thanks! I am curious to see what I end up doing with it myself :)

  14. avatar PjLand says:

    I would incorporate all the cool “Spiderman” colors into the room. Using the red and black plaid like fabrics for curtains or drapes and adding the splash of blue as my pop color. Adding a framed Spiderman poster along with perhaps a figurine or two as accents. I can hardly wait to see what you do with it.

  15. avatar Catherine says:

    oh little boys! I’d keep the spiderman to just the sheets and maybe a few good sized action figures on his dresser. Then maybe paint some canvases of different sizes to look like skyscrapers and hang them in a group on the wall. Maybe even pick up some old comic books and frame them as art. That way, it looks like spiderman, but it’ll be super easy to change out when he moves on in a year.

  16. avatar Melisa says:

    Thanks Rebecca!
    Hi Bibzees, Twin sets are sold out online but I know I saw some at my local PBK last week. I have to call them today to see if they still have them or I am toast :)

  17. avatar Rebecca says:

    You can totally pull this off!!! Can’t wait to see all of your fun ideas (: In the meantime I’ll do some brainstorming!

  18. avatar Bibzees says:

    I hadn’t seen these sheets yet!!! I am emailing my sister….my nephew must have these!