The Start of Summer

I was thinking this week about what to write about for my bi monthly blog entry for Project Nursery and realized that I seem to have adopted this new attitude of …”what is the rush.” It suddenly dawned on me the reason I am getting this feeling of slowing down is because the beginning of summer is upon us. My children are winding up their class schedules. My eldest daughter is home from college and Memorial Day found the whole family along with their cousins at the beach. Time to step outside and enjoy the coming months of sunshine, late dinners and long walks.

I also recently finished a new collection of fabrics for Little House that I call Soleil that was inspired by the beaches from the South of France. St. Tropez, azul waters, hot pink skies and the summer solstace all have lent heart to my new fabrics. Due out this July check out some of the new prints that you will find in our new crib bedding collections.

I love that summer is here and it is time to travel and explore. I find that not only do my children need the outdoors more that ever on summer breaks, we as adults need it too . Welcome to the start of summer… I hope to spend mine outside enjoying the sunshine.


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    The new crib bedding collection is beautiful! Where can I see more of this? Will there be any promotional offers?

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