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Stress Reliever: The Baby Planners

When it was time to go shopping for my freshman college dorm room I drove my poor mother insane. We must have made twelve trips to Bed Bath & Beyond before I could put one thing in the cart. I was so stressed I would forget something important, like a shower caddy or even, my lord, a stapler!  Well 16 years later the therapist in me realizes that this was merely my way of dealing with the anxiety I had about leaving home. Believe it or not many expecting parents have these very same anxious feelings when picking out items for the nursery. After all, you are molding the space that your child will come home to, grow up in and one day retreat to, with the door barricaded to prevent entrance (ok, we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves).  But in all seriousness, do not underestimate the intense emotions (not to mention hormones) associated with shopping for the nursery.

We don’t want to get it wrong, and in fact, we want it to be perfect for our little ones. And for that reason we need to be very conscious of how we approach the journey.  A few tips: bring a friend, a mother, a sister or if you have one, an enthusiastic daddy to be. However, by all means avoid the controlling mother in law, the jealous best friend or the ‘rather be watching football’ daddy to be.

Project Nursery has a ton of great tips and trends for nursery planning but if you need some real hands on help we know the gals to go to. Ellie & Melissa, The Baby Planners, run the nation’s #1 baby concierge service.  They offer a range of services that, as they say, “take the labor out of delivery.”  Some of the services include Baby Registry Plans, Nursery Necessity Plans and even a Grandparent Plan! Here is a smattering of other things they do: Product Research & Demonstration • Referrals to Classes, Doulas and Doctors • Shower Planning • Postpartum Support • Pregnancy Photography • Greening Your Nursery • Birth Announcements • Infant CPR • Baby Proofing • Personal Chef • Birth Video • Car seat Installation • Pre-natal Massage • Baby Nurse • Nanny Search • Muralist • In Home Spa Services • Pre-school Placement • Parenting Consultant • Sleep Experts • Diaper Services • Dog Walkers • and so much more!

Hopefully your nursery decorating experience will be one of happiness and excitement but if it’s not remember you are not alone…ask for help so you can relax and enjoy this monumentous time.


Tuesday 29th of June 2010

you're welcome!


Sunday 27th of June 2010

Julie, great suggestion. thanks so much!


Friday 25th of June 2010

I'm using for our baby registry b/c i want to buy most of our stuff from artists on etsy and i'd also rather our friends and family contribute to intangibles rather than more stuff to clutter our house. so deposit a gift has been a blessing because we've been able to register for money towards the doula, music classes, museum and zoo memberships and the cloth diaper service. it's AWESOME.

Veronica Sloan

Thursday 24th of June 2010

I found the most wonderful baby registry. I found a wonderful selection of useful and beautiful baby things there and it was easy to compile my list of wants. I got almost everything on my list and the things were wonderfully made and very pretty. It saved a lot of returns.