Play Tables: Priced to “Fit”

Designing your kid’s play space is just as important as designing their bedroom.  Whether it is a room all in its own, or an extension of another space, this is an area that promotes imagination, creativity and fun!  One of the most important and substantial pieces is their very own kid-sized table and chairs.  Here are three different sets ranging from the savvy spender to the bigger budgeted.  These tables are a perfect jumping off point to set the stage for any new play space!

Here pictured from IKEA is the Mammut Collection, sold as individual pieces but priced as shown will run you well under $100…Only $67.00!  Bright, cheery, and a bargain!

Next is this adorable set, the RiverRidge Collection from Target.  Sold individually also, but priced out as shown at $110.00 for four stools and the table…Such a deal!  Hip, fun and a fab find for just north the $100 price point.

Lastly, this funky, mod and functional Mojo Collection is from  Land of Nod.  Although this set is the spendiest of the three, it runs about $715.00 for four chairs, a table, and storage bin.  The table height is adjustable so as your little ones grow, so does the height of the table.

There are so many great options out there, these are just a few that I wanted to showcase.  So, if you have any of the sets pictured or other ones that are just as fabulous, please share!


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    Scott…they are pretty durable I have a set in my playroom and marker and crayon wipe right off!!

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    The IKEA set is cute. We purchased the same table but with chairs instead of stools. However, the legs come out fairly easily. I would recommend gluing them in as well or else your kids will quickly learn how to pull the legs out.

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    Great idea to glue the legs!! I do that on all of my put-together-furniture for a little extra strength….and yes it really works!!

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    How can it be that my oldest is only 6 years old and all of these amazing options didn’t exist when she was 3??? All of these are so much fun!

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    I am always on the lookout for toys and things that grow with your child, so the Mojo Collection is just perfect. I don’t think it’s the priciest because you’re bound to be able to use it for a lot of years!

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