Nursery Culture: Gliders, Rockers and More

To glide, or not to glide – that is the question…  After designing close to 60 nurseries and children’s rooms, here’s our take on seating in a child’s room.  Good chair = must-have for all nurseries, so here are our 2 primary tricks for picking the right chair.

safari theme nursery for a baby boy by Little Crown Interiors
This affordable glider from Best Chair’s Storytime Series is so cozy, you won’t want to get up! Photo by Full Spectrum Photo Studio.

First trick (the sappy one): What’s the purpose of this chair?  To us, this is the probably the most important part of the entire nursery.  Is this the place where you will bond with your baby while nursing?  Is this where you hear their first words while reading a bedtime story?  Perhaps this is where you will spend a couple extra moments every night just listening to their heart beat while rocking them to sleep…

Second trick (the practical one): what’s the long term plan for the chair?  Is it going to always be in this one room, or could it go to your next baby’s room?

Oilo Studio GliderThis newcomer by Oilo Studio has hit the Glider world by storm. It’s sleek design and high quality leather means it can be used for years to come!
Luca Glider by Monte Design in light blueThe Luca Glider from Monte Design is a crowd favorite. It is super comfortable, easily cleaned and the perfect size for most people.
Little Castle Glider in pinkTry the Cottage Glider by Little Castle for a more traditional look. These gliders are a mainstay in the industry and come in a huge array of fabrics and designs.

When combined, all of these factors will help you decide on the size, style, color and fabric of your chair.  From there, it’s all about sitting down and trying it out.  A little online research should help you narrow down your field of choices, and then it’s time to kick up your feet in someone’s store!

Have you learned a thing or two about gliders in your day – or have a question as a first time purchaser?  Please, post your comments now!  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a soon-to-be, let’s hear what the Project Nursery community has to say…  And, remember to get your regular dose of Nursery Culture by Little Crown Interiors on Project Nursery!


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    anyone looking at Pottery Barn, heads up:

    This is the worst glider I’ve ever sat in. I was so disappointed, because it looks so nice. I’ve used it for 2 kids now, and I keep thinking it will magically get better. The chair is so uncomfortable your neck hurts from holding it up, there is no lumbar pillow for your back. You can not recline in it, and the rocking motion is awkward. Ive fallen backwards trying to recline with babies in my arms many times! so it can be a safety hazard too. Newborn babies are too little to nurse in here even with a boppy. Your arms as they get heavier will fall asleep and have the blood cut off. the fabric around the arm chair rotates around, so their is no padding. You have to use 2-3 other pillows to prop you up and a toddler can not sit on here with you and read a book comfortably. It seriously is not worth it.

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    We bought our rocker for our first son almost 3 years ago from Walmart. We almost purchased the one used at our hospital but it was too pricey and really not worth it. Our rocker was cheap and comfy. I’m having it reupholstered for baby #2!

  4. 4

    No everyone wants a glider, though they seem to be everywhere these days. It’s hard to find a comfy, stylish traditional rocking chair without paying outrageous prices, which is why I started Off Your Rocker to fill that need.

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    Amber & Victoria, thanks for the links. These blogs and comments will definitely help the next time I need to go to the store for the perfect rocker.

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    We bought an upholstered swivel rocker from Boston Interiors because I was determined to have something that didn’t look like it only belonged in a nursery. It’s very comfortable and will one day look great in another room in the house.

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    Little Castle is one of my favorite companies to use when designing nurseries if you like the more traditional look. The price point, lead times, and fabric choices are wonderful. They can also use COM fabrics. Prices range from $600-$1500.
    But if you like the Little Castle look but are looking for something a little softer on the price tag, Little Castle does make a few styles for Target and JC Penny. The quality is just the same the only difference is the limited selection of style and fabric choices.

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    We have infant twins and I never bought a glider as I couldn’t find one big enough for the two of them to simultaneously rest on a nursing pillow. Now that they are 5 months old I realize this is now pretty much impossible in retrospect – but still I would like to find a larger glider to at least use for cuddling and reading as they get older – and for nursing one at a time :) Any suggestions?

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