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Be Inspired…

There is one thing for sure that I will always stand by in design and that is no matter what …”You need to be inspired!”  It is a constant dance in my mind…everywhere I look I find inspiration.  I think it adds such a dimension, purpose and direction to every aspect of my life.  I am always asked,”What would you do?”  Well,  in all honesty what moves me to dance a little may not be the same for others.  When I design for a client, they need to feel like they have had a hand in what the final outcome is.  They are the ones living with it and  they need to do their own happy dance.  Don ‘t get me wrong, I love to be innovative and start from scratch but when I am presented a piece to design from, it provides me a visual map to guide the design to completion.  Last week one of my awesome customers had a last minute request and had their own inspiration, such a treat to be able to accommodate her needs on such a short notice all while designing something super duper cute!

Here is the inspiration…

Serena and Lily Lulu Bedding – always inspiring!!

And here is their party decor…

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  1. avatar Bibzees says:

    Love this post. I agree, inspiration can come from anywhere. That is how I always start decorating.

  2. avatar MalinaStwrt says:

    I love how you say a “dance in mind” and how your clients need to do “their own happy dance”. I love the writing on this blog. Thanks again!

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