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Whimsical Wallpapers for Children’s Rooms

Wallpaper is a wonderful way to make an easy design statement in a room.  Long gone are the days of wallpapering every wall, why not go dramatic on one wall and leave the rest white? That way you can go a little more whimsical and bold with the pattern without it being to overpowering.  Plus you save some money by only wallpapering one wall.

These are a few of my favorite wallpapers to use in children’s rooms:

Frames by Graham & Brown on OpenSky

Frames is what you call an interactive wallpaper, meaning that children (and adults) are encouraged to write on the walls and draw inside the frames. This one is perfect for a child’s room or playroom.

Little Whales by Pottok

This one might be my favorite.  When my son moves into his big boy room in years to come, I’m hoping to put this on one of his walls.

Mavis Monkey by Bholu

Mavis just makes me smile.  It is also interactive meaning that it can be hung in any pattern.  Perfect if you are a DIY’er and want to hang the wallpaper on your own, it will allow for a margin of error!

Animal Farm & Tiny Train by Ferm Living

Honestly I love all the wallpapers from Ferm Living but these are two of my favorites. When the patterns are bold like this they should be the focus of the room and everything else should compliment the design.

Woods Wallpaper by Cole & Son (image via Duc Duc)

I know that we have seen this Woods wallpaper for a while, but I still love the soft delicate look that it has.

Blackbird by Cavern, image via Thom Filicia

I can just see this blackbird wallpaper on a wall behind a crib dressed in bright bedding with a little baby saying “cheep cheep” and pointing up all the time.

Tales Beatrix Potter wallpaper by Jane Churchill

Although this wallpaper is quite traditional, I love the subtle pattern of the Beatrix Potter characters. Sweet and very baby.

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  9. avatar MiniMustHave says:

    Love the Frames wallpaper and the fact that it can be totally personalised. Definitely no ordinary run-of-the-mill wall feature with this one!

  10. avatar Melisa says:

    I love those whales! You have some great finds in there.