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Moms: You’ll Be Happy You Watched This

With the amount email traffic in my inbox, I rarely open a silly or sentimental “forward” unless it’s from my sister-in-law or mother-in-law of course :). Good thing I did the other day. I hope all you experienced and expecting parents take a moment to watch the video below. Katrina Kenison, author of “The Gift of an Ordinary Day” puts life and motherhood into perspective. So now when my 3 year old throws a tantrum in the preschool parking lot or when my growing 3 month old skips wearing 3-6 months clothes all together, I hope to sit back, take in these seemingly mundane or at times, aggravating moments and smile. Because I know that my oldest won’t throw himself down on the pavement by the time he heads off to collage and that my tiny baby will one day grow into a man. Gosh, I am really going to miss these “ordinary” days.


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