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If These Walls Could Talk

Here at Project Nursery we pride ourselves on offering valuable advice and usable ideas when it comes to designing with baby and family in mind. Melisa and I have rounded up a great team of contributors to offer a variety of perspectives and we are thrilled to add one more to our team. Our newest contributor, Michelle, is the owner of the Stamford, CT outpost of high end children’s boutique Bellini and she has her own online boutique the bean’s closest . Today, Michelle shares with us some terrific tips on wall decor.

When my daughter was born I went all out and had a fabulous mural done in her room.  And although the artwork was priceless, the cost…well let’s just say the cost still remains on the “let’s not tell daddy how much this really was” list.  So when baby number 2 rolled around I was desperate for ways to dress up the walls without taking out a second mortgage.

One of my favorite New York muralists/artists, Sam Simon, is a brilliant children’s painter and a smart businessman.  He realized that not everyone could afford to adorn the nursery with a one of a kind mural. He expanded his business by putting his creations on canvas, so now we can all afford a little slice of his masterpieces.  They look great as a single piece or as a collection.

I love wallpaper, but sometimes I just can’t make that much of a commitment.  That’s why I am a huge fan of Wall Candy.  These peel off sticker decals are a great way to have fun with your walls, and also have the flexibility to change them up every now and again.  With price points around $50 for each collection, they are great in the nursery, kid’s bathroom or my favorite, a playroom.  Themes include cool racecars and dynamite dinosaurs to feminine butterflies and spring gardens.

Use your walls for all they’re worth!  Walls are not just for décor but can also be used for storage.  I love shelves with depth that are fun, but also useful.  This boat shelf looks cute on the floor but it’s even better hung and it’s perfect for displaying photo frames and albums.

There’s nothing better than cheap labor…and there is none cheaper than an aspiring child artist.  Solicit family members (older siblings or cousins are perfect) or friends with kids and break out the Crayola paints.  My 3 year-old daughter had made this for her brother before he was born.  She was so thrilled when I had it framed and we hung it in the nursery.  Not only did she feel super important, but it’s a unique piece that holds more sentiment than any store bought item.  I highly recommend adding a personal homemade touch to any nursery.


Tuesday 11th of May 2010

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!


Friday 14th of May 2010

thanks! SO glad to be here!

Little Apple Design LA

Tuesday 11th of May 2010

Again, welcome to the team Michelle!


Monday 10th of May 2010

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