Real Rooms: Home Office Turned Playroom

It’s funny how the house that my husband and I initially purchased before kids seemed to have PLENTY of space. Pass go, collect two kids and suddenly a home office no long exists much less any additional storage.  With the walls closing in and toys taking over our great room, it was time to move my husband’s office into the hall and surrender the space to our little peeps. Well…here is final product…tah-dah!

The Playroom

The Reading Sofa

The Art Corner

The entire room was outfitted from IKEA on a pretty strict budget of less than $800.  Since it was a fairly small room I wanted to utilize the area while also creating “zones” in the room.  The reading sofa is a smaller scaled loveseat that provides a great place to curl up with the kiddos and read a book or grab the latest episode of Yo Gabba Gabba.  The television unit provides a great place to house bins with toys all while keeping them nicely tucked away.  I divided up the room by standing a bookcase on end and securing it to the wall; not only did it serve as a room divider, it also provided additional storage.  This sectioning off of the space created a nice little niche that I tucked a kid sized table for the kids to craft and color at.  All of the furniture is slipcovered and can be machine washed.  The art above the kids table was made from taking fabric and stretching is across wooden frames and using a staple gun to secure it.  I wanted the color scheme to be bright and inviting.  Although we’ve lost an office, we gained such an amazing space for our kids that will transition with them as they grow and their needs change.


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    What a fantastic room!! Where did you get the striped fabric for the slip cover & pillows? It is exactly what I’ve been looking for!! I also adore the rug…did it come from Ikea? :-)

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    Love that this whole room was completed for under $800! The fabric stretched over the canvas is a terrific idea I may have to duplicate! Thanks for sharing…

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    I love the colour scheme! And the wall art is amazing… Kudos to you for introducing design at such an early age. If the kids are used to this type of space they’ll grow up appreciating art and design. Job well done!

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    Wow…that’s all I can say. I fell in love with the room at first photo! The colors are amazingly bright and vibrant. Such a perfect room for kids. The wall art is gorgeous and the additional storage makes me drool. :)

    I see the animals on the wall art are similar to the ones on the curtains. Can you tell me where you bought these from?

    Thanks for sharing.

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    The way you decorated & designed the room is really a work of genious.The best touch is the dividor which creates a small section of place for using multiple purposes.The decorating items & colours are very nice & smoothing for the kids.Thanks you for showing such a beautiful & workable design.Litle flower trees can also add some extra to the decorations.Check out the sites for further info…….

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