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DIY: Ribbon Chandelier Tutorial

So remember those oh, so fabulous ribbon chandeliers from my Princess Chic Party yesterday?!  Well, I’m here today to teach you how to make one yourself!

These chandeliers are pretty simple to make, but make a BIG statement!  All you need is a lot (!) of ribbon, a one!)

1. Gather your materials.  I use sheer, iridescent ribbon (I like the shimmer!) and I cut it all into 18″ strips before I get started.  I like using at least three colors (for this one we used 3 shades of pink, but we have also done ones with bright combos – pink, orange and yellow – blue, green and lilac – they have all turned out really cute!).
2. Your first step is to glue on two, longer strips (crossing at the top) to hang the chandelier from.  I place a dot of hot glue on the wood circle, and then wrap the ribbon around it to attach.
3. Once you have glued on both hanging strips, it should look like this.
4. Take your 18″ strip of ribbon, fold it in half.  Wrap it around the hoop, and pull the tails thru the loop.  Insert a tiny dot of glue underneath the knot.
5. Pull tight!
6. Repeat.  3 times.  (when working with three colors, I like to work in threes)
7. Alternate colors….
8. Keep tying those knots!  I promise, your end product will be worth it!
9. That’s me sitting on the floor doing this – it’s easier for me to sit on the floor and have all of the ribbons piled around me!
10. Once you knot your strips of ribbon all the way around your hoop, it should look like this.
11. I like to finish it off by adding a contrasting ribbon around the edge of the hoop to hide all of the knots.  For the “princess chic” party, we chose the black polka dot ribbon.  Glue it on by placing a thin stripe of hot glue along the middle of the rim and attaching the ribbon.
12. Finished product!  It was worth it, right?!

1. I use 3/8″ ribbon
2. Any size would work, but I typically use 14″ wood hoops – you can order them

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  2. Woah this blog is fantastic i really like reading your posts. Stay up the great paintings! You realize, lots of individuals are looking around for this info, you can aid them greatly.

  3. avatar Sally says:

    This is so great! Thank you for a fabulous tutorial. I just made one – took about an hour and I’m ready to make another one. Shared on our facebook wall today too. Thanks!

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  5. avatar Cristen P says:

    Ok, sat down to do this tonight. I used a pretty pink, green and brown. First a general idea of how much ribbon you need would have been awesome! I bout 30 feet of each (3) colors, and made it not quite 3/4s the way around… I would have loved to have had an idea about how much to get. Also, I think that the 18 inch strips are way shorter than I would have liked! I think I will try for about twice as long next time. Which will mean even more ribbon!! I also painted my hoop to match the color of ribbon that I am putting around the top! Which looks really nice! I think this is going to be a fun project to keep playing with!

  6. avatar Rachel Harding says:

    ADORABLE! I am thinking I will have to do this to dress up a new ceiling fan my hubby just installed into the nursery! :)

  7. avatar Kelly W says:

    love these. Now I have to make one just because