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Giggle’s Top Eco-Friendly Picks for Babies

Several years ago when I had my first daughter there were only a handful of Eco-Friendly companies making products for babies. And I’ll tell you the ones that were really hadn’t mastered combining earth conscious products with fabulous design. Most of the stuff I’d find came in pretty much one color option – and that was “natural beige.” Well, fast forward five plus years and Bam! It’s a whole new market. Now, just about every where you turn there’s a product touting it’s “green” practices or it’s toxin free products. And for all those sleep-deprived parents out there – deciphering thru what’s eco-friendly and what’s not can be exhausting.

Guest Video Blogger, Lizzie Bermudez of LizzieB TV, paid a visit to one of her favorite stores for little ones, Giggle. She’s got Giggle’s top Eco-Friendly picks for new babies.

Of course Giggle has a plenty more eco-friendly products for babies but these are a few of their top picks. If you’d like more information on any of the products seen in the video you can go to

About The Author: Lizzie lives in San Francisco, Ca with her husband and two young daughters. She’s the editor and host of LizzieB TV, a video blog site that features short video tips, tricks and tales of being a “real” mom. She’s also a frequent family & lifestyle contributor to the nationally syndicated talk show, The View From the Bay.


Monday 26th of April 2010

what a good video ! plz feature more of lizzie..its easier for me to watch than to read sometimes!


Monday 26th of April 2010

I love that natural crib!