All Aboard The Modern Train Party!

I was only a week or so postpartum when I got it into my head that I had to throw my oldest son Austin a train themed birthday bash! How much longer was his love for Thomas the Tank Engine going to last? And how could I make him feel really special? After all, his brand new baby brother was getting all of the attention and much of mommy’s time. “Could I really do this?” I thought. And “How much candy do you REALLY need for an Amy Atlas-esque display worthy dessert bar?”

Every week I find myself pouring over our resident party contributors‘ fabulous party posts.  I am constantly inspired by party lovin’ blogs and impressed by the busy moms who craft one-of-a-kind kid soirées. So in honor of Austin I jumped in with both feet!

Just as I would do with a room design, I wanted the friendly little train to have a modern makeover. So this tired mama asked Kelly of The Party Dress to help brainstorm and she came back with this uber-inspiring Modern Train Party design board just for me! Kelly worked overtime to provide me with all the paper goods from her stationary biz, WH Hostess. Basically everything was handed over on a silver platter. I ran with it pulling together all the color coordinated details. The process re-affirmed my belief in online shopping and yes, you can plan an entire party with a click of a mouse and (in my case) a baby and bobby on the lap!

So rather than ramble on about the yummy details, we’ve crafted this v-log (video blog) for a real life peek into the day’s festivities. I hope you take two minutes to check it out and let us know what you think. It’s something new we’re trying out here…

Favorite decorative touches include the use of 3 foot balloons for a modern statement and simple centerpieces that consisted of blumebox eco-friendly vases, shredded tissue paper and themed signs on a stick. A major party hiccup was the sugar cookies from the bakery. My husband picked them up the morning of and they looked absolutely awful! Thank goodness I took a cue from Ryder’s Baby Shower and ordered fondant cupcake toppers from etsy shop Two Sugar Babies which saved the day! Charynn did an incredible job of creating monogrammed fondant toppers and even a 3D train to spruce up my inexpensive yet tasty chocolate (Costco…shhh!) cake as requested by the birthday boy himself.

For more fun party photos, product links and a chance to rate this party, hop on over to our REAL PARTIES gallery and check out Modern Train Party. Oh and in case your wondering, I purchased 28lbs of candy from Sweet Factory. Just when you think you’ve ordered enough to fill the apothecary jars and to qualify for free shipping, double it!


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    Wow! Quite a party and love the color scheme….all of the details down to the labels and the 3s on the cookies make it one of a kind! Even the balloons soaring individually and high above the festivities is a unique yet simple idea!

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    OMG – this is the sweetest thing that I have read and seen. What an amazing party! I love all the details. Everything is coordinated and so well thought out. I just LOVE it.

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    Hi there.

    It looks like Austin’s guests really had fun. I noticed that you changed the centerpieces from the design board, and that was a great idea, not having that box under the cake sure made it look more spacious.

    It’s amazing how busy moms could find time to do something like this, but I think that you’d do everything for your little angels!


    I love those wooden train candle holders!

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