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Light By Lantern

Party lanterns and pom poms are all the rage. So when Mom and Allsop Home and Garden owner Jamey informed us that her environmentally positive products are being enjoyed by kids, we listened.

Allsop specializes in creating garden tools and lighting such as weather resistant lanterns. Made from nylon and silk, their Soji Solar Lanterns are uniquely equipped with a solar panel. After basking the the sun, the Soji Lantern turns itself on to cast a radiant glow. So what does this have to do with your kids? For a young child this translates to a playful, solar powered NIGHT LIGHT!

When something doesn’t work properly, my 3 year old has the tendency exclaim, “Mom, we need new batteries!”. Clearly it was time to introduce him to the power of the sun. First we placed the Soji lantern outside to soak up the sun’s rays. Just before bed, he ran outside to pick up his new night light. (No cords or plugs to deal with is a major plus). I tucked him in and and concocted a bedtime story about the “The Little Lantern That Could” thanks to nature’s #1 resource. The lit latern sat by his bed throughout the evening. Later in the week, I figured out that the latern could equally charge itself from the light coming in through his window. So when the novelty of running outside to charge his lantern wears off, we still have a night light come bedtime.

What used to be simply considered as party decor can now last well beyond a once a year event. A special thanks to Jamey for introducing a new ritual into our precious bedtime routine! For modern rooms or parties, check out the  Soji Modern. It’s design is a personal favorite – like a piece of Pinkberry in the room ;)


Monday 26th of April 2010

Do you know if there are any coupon codes for the solar soji lanterns?